Blog Post #6 – E3 Blues

Good afternoon everyone! I am sat here, in my bedroom, feeling slightly deflated as now all the E3 shenanigans have finished and I am sad. My ultimate dream has always been to attend E3 and work, but alas, that time hasn’t come yet. So, I thought it would be a good idea for me to write about all the games that have been announced that I am pumped for. Although I thought E3 was a bit lacklustre this year for me *cough cough SONY*, there have been some announcements that I’m happy to welcome into my life. Lets get started, shall we?


Unveiled during EA’s conference, Anthem is like EA’s take on Destiny. I haven’t been a big fan of Destiny (and in all honesty, I’ve never played it), but Anthem just hit me in the feels. I don’t know why I have a sudden need for Anthem, but I’m not complaining.

A Way Out

So, again – unveiled during EA’s stage time, A Way Out is a co-op game being developed by Hazelight Studios. Even though I very, very rarely play co-op games because I’m really anti-social and prefer playing alone, except in some situations I guess. But A Way Out has somehow found it’s way into my list of games to be psyched for. I cannot wait to sit and play two sides of the same story with my nearest and dearest.

 The Evil Within 2

This one really shouldn’t be a surprise for the locals around these parts. Everyone and their mothers know how much I adore creepy, scary and downright weird things – games included. I am a big horror/thriller fan, and I really enjoyed The Evil Within. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was a game I can go back and replay and still get that sensation I had when I played it the first time. Talking about it now has made me want to replay it so very badly too – so now you know my plans for the next few days.

The Crew 2

Ugh. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. I was, and still am, a really big The Crew fan. I love driving games and simulators – and The Crew hit a total home run in my books. It was like the Need for Speed that I never got, and it also introduced me to some of the best bands ever because the soundtrack is INCREDIBLE. Not to mention the story being a huge, crucial part of the game. So, naturally I am excited for the second instalment of The Crew. Give it to me!

Farcry 5

I have never been a Farcry fan, like ever. It wasn’t my thing whatsoever – but as soon as I saw the gameplay trailer on my screen during Ubisoft’s conference, I squealed with excitement. Something about the story being set in an american cult scenario gives me shivers. I think that’s the horror/thriller-loving part of my personality slipping out, but hey – I’m excited as hell. Here’s hoping my revisit to Farcry will treat me well.

Xbox One X

While I personally, probably, won’t be purchasing an Xbox One X in the near future, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of sheer power this thing has. Not only has no other console ever had that much power and graphical capabilities, it makes everything incredibly pretty. I wont be buying it purely because I would prefer to spend the money upgrading my PC and playing on that, but it deserves a spot on my list of great E3 announcements. I mean, come on… how can you not respect it?

AC: Origins

So, lets talk Assassins Creed: Origins. The last AC game I played was AC: Syndicate – and I know you’re meant to be stealthy, but I just enjoy causing so much havoc and I’m looking forward to doing exactly that in Origins. You also have an eagle. AN. EAGLE. It will make my not-so-stealthy approach to assassinations a lot easier – and I’m looking forward to doing just that. It’s going to be fun. So, so fun.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy

Uncharted is a winner in anyone’s book. Uncharted 5 was a masterpiece, too. The series has an incredible and intricate story that no-one should miss. Not only that, but Uncharted 5 ended Nathan Drake’s adventures and now we’re being treated to Chloe Frazer’s story. It will be a good ride, trust me. So get excited and get ready to trek through foreign lands searching for treasure – all from the comfort of your own home.

Days Gone

Boy, oh boy – Days Gone is something that I know I am going to adore. It gives me Sons of Anarchy meets the Last of Us vibes which I am really looking forward to seeing more of. Even though I find that zombie games have been recycled a lot, Days Gone seems fresh and it seems it has everything The Last of Us didn’t. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is that gets me excited for Days Gone, but you better believe I want to get my hands on it as soon as physically possible.

Unfortunately, that is all I am looking forward to. There was a lot of announcements that have people jumping off the walls with excitement, such as Beyond Good And Evil 2 – but for me, I have quite a small list this year. I really feel that the last few E3’s have been really, really terrible as nothing (apart from the games on this list) has gripped me and made me excited for whats to come. But, as always, let me know what got you excited this year in the comments.

– Dom


3 thoughts on “Blog Post #6 – E3 Blues

  1. It was a bit lacklustre for sure! I was excited for some Last of Us 2 news which never came and as a playstation owner, their presentation just disappointed me all around!! However like you said Uncharted is always good! Also was really surprised by The Inpatient (or is it Impatient? People were confused xD) I was a massive fan of Until Dawn so I can’t wait to see what Supermassive has up their sleeve this time 🙂 Lastly, For me it was the total opposite with Farcry! I loved farcry 3 and it even had a huge role in making me want to be a game writer. But with each new addition, I havent been as impressed for some reason xD Exciting by this one for the change in environment though! Really nice post! 🙂


    • I was upset over no TLoU 2 too. I was really surprised that they showed literally 0% content for it! It would have made the whole conference a lot better. The Inpatient looked good but I don’t have VR because it’s way too expensive at the moment, so I was bummed I can’t actually play it.
      – Dom

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