The Future of Silent Hill: What Next?

So, everyone who knows me will know that I am absolutely obsessed with Silent Hill and I am still incredibly, incredibly sad that Silent Hills was cancelled. Genuinely, I think about it most days and think about what it could have been – but daydreams aren’t reality.


Since the cancellation of Silent Hills, I’m often wondering when, if ever, a new Silent Hill will be released. Many people may know the drama between Hideo Kojima and Konami which ultimately led to the death of Silent Hills and the drama that surrounded the whole situation. But, to explain to those who didn’t know what went down, I will explain! Long story short, Kojima and Konami were in a love-hate relationship for a few months, with Kojima Productions logo being pulled from their official website. Konami released statements saying that it was due to rebranding, but things were pretty unclear on the future of Kojima and Konami. Meanwhile, over on the Silent Hills official website, Kojima Productions’ logo disappeared, which left fans wondering whether the game would be produced at all. Following on from this, P.T was pulled from the PlayStation Store, and eventually, Konami confirmed it as cancelled on April 27th. It was a total rollercoaster ride of emotions for us fans, and I’m still upset about it to this day.

Behind the scenes over at Konami HQ, they’re still working on Silent Hill, but video games are the last thing on their mind for the series – as since Downpour and the odd mobile game, they have released Silent Hill pachinko machines in Japan.


Why? I don’t know. I don’t think many people understand why Konami have taken Silent Hill down this route, but it’s happened. Regardless, some day I like to believe that Konami will announce the reunion of Team Silent and release a new Silent Hill – one that I will adore and treasure for the rest of my life. So, what are the fans thinking will happen for Silent Hill in the future?

Browsing the sub-reddit, many people have said that nothing will happen and no new Silent Hill game will be announced, ever. But other fans, like myself, agree that Silent Hill is too popular a series to let drop. While there haven’t been rumours about Silent Hill in any way, shape or form for a few years, fans are willing to take anything they can get their hands on at this moment in time.

For me, as much as I would love a new Silent Hill game, I want something that is genuinely good. I have always said that I would adore a remastered Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3 – as the HD collection was playable, but it had issues. It was buggy as hell. Plus, lets face it, Silent Hill 1 would be incredible to play through in current gen. Many fans who are new to the series may be put off by the horrific, pixellated graphics and may just give one of the best games in the series a miss – and that’s really sad.

Right now though, myself and Silent Hill fans will have to hold out hope for a new SH game – and whether it happens or not is in Konami’s hands alone.

Tell me what you think will happen to Silent Hill in the future! Are you expecting anything new on the video game market, or do you think Konami will continue with pachinko machines? Let me know in the comments below.

– Dom

5 thoughts on “The Future of Silent Hill: What Next?

  1. Yes, a proper reissues of Silent Hill 1 -3 would be awesome, the HD collection was ok, but it didn’t convert well. I’d love a new silent hill game as well, its such a great series, especially the first two games. I liked the 4th game as well, where you were trapped in the apartment, that was good. Fingers crossed Silent Hill will return one day, they could do such a good next gen game now for it.


  2. Awesome read, ty Dom👌 I loved the first 3 Silent Hill games, you completely read my mind on the idea that they should remake the first Silent Hill games in current gen👍🙌 I really hope they don’t let this awesome game series die.


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