Flashback Friday| Medal of Honor

Today’s Flashback Friday is a sentimental one for me, quite close to my heart. As I write this, I have next to me my late granddads Playstation 2 which I will always treasure. It’s not recent, but he passed away coming up for 3 years now, just a few days after the birth of my son. I have many fond memories with my granddad, ones you’d expect to have and I am forever grateful to have had that bond with him.

One of those memories will always sit with me, him showing me how to play the Medal of Honor games, later leading me to making it one of my first completed games more than once, I can almost smell the nostalgia of the frontline! I will Flashback to my two favorite games in the series.

Medal of Honor: Frontline


Despite it not being the first in the series, Frontline would be the first taste I got of Medal of Honor, sparking my interest in Pearl Harbor and Saving Private Ryan, subsequently leading on to my passion with the history behind World War 2.

Frontline was released on May 29th 2002 and is the fourth game in the series. You play as Lt. Jimmy Patterson fighting through Europe into Nazi Germany, very much like we expect to see in Call Of Duty, WWII. You start by storming Omaha beach, in Operation Overlord which is the introduction to the game which is taken from the film Saving Private Ryan.

My fascination with the D-Day landing, is what made my love for Medal of Honor grow, which lead me onto playing the next installment of the series.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun


Rising Sun was released in November 28, 2003 and was the game that connected me with Pearl Harbor and would also be one of the very first games I played online multiplayer on until it’s termination in 2006. However single player is what I focused on, the story behind it is what gripped me to the games, wanting to know more about the world war.

Rising Sun was one of my first completed games, other than various Playstation 1 games I consider a lot less ‘heavy’ than this one. I wanted to complete it to find out the fate of my player, Joe Griffin and his infiltration of the Japanese.

The intense gameplay, and back them seemingly flawless graphics, made for one hell of a game. Although I didn’t see the Medal of Honor games as too challenging back then (If I did it now, I don’t think I could play it as fluidly) I feel they were games that would really impact on what I found interesting in later life which was History, although I never followed through with anything history related as a career, I have always been fascinated in the world wars and the events that followed on from the war and have taken to writing stories about historic events in my school work, including photography projects during college.

It makes me some what fussy with what I like in a ‘modern’ war based game, which is why I’m not heavy on my FPS games these days, but it has made me excited for the first time for a Call Of Duty game. I really hope I can relive some of this nostalgia again one day, holding the memories of my granddad who I miss dearly, every single day.

This one is dedicated to Dennis, 1938-2014.


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