Battlefront II: What We Know So Far

‘What We Know So Far’

Now, I am an absolute sucker for a Star Wars game, dating back to the original Battlefront games and Rouge Squadron, when I heard the news of Battlefront II I was mega excited, I watched the game trailer and was not disappointed, whenever I watch anything Star Wars related, It sends a shiver down my spine so with that announcement along with The Last Jedi film coming out in November, it’s safe to say I am a happy Star Wars fanatic.

Single Player Campaign

Like always, the trailer to this game is of the single player campaign with glimpses of multiplayer space battles. It starts with the classic Imperial march music played on a piano, a sound absolutely awesome in itself, setting you the scene, straight into the dark side. You are an Imperial TIE fighter pilot named Iden Versio, you’re part of the Inferno Squad, and this is your story.


As you can see in the above picture, Iden has her own droid which will be almost like a little Codsworth from Fallout 4 or Ethan from Infinite Warfare, helping you along the way. The plot of your 30 year long story is between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, you witness the fall of the Empire and are on a revenge mission to end the Rebellion.

Much like it’s predecessor, Battlefront will also give you the option to play as multiple characters throughout the Star Wars universe, including 8 variations of the infamous Kylo Ren. It’s been rumored there will be at least one mission where you get engage in combat with Luke Skywalker’s green lightsaber.



In the Multiplayer, you can expect to have pick of many more characters than before, limited to only a few variations, we can expect many more choices in the 24 player combat scenarios.

Choices of ships, gadgets and heroes will span over all generations of the Star Wars franchise. You will no longer play a hero/character with a rank and file system, you now have class building options. You hero will now get extra abilities and privileges to vehicles the more you play that character. Scrapping the blue token hero option, you will now have to complete in game objectives in order to become a certain hero rather than finding the blue token by luck on your travels.

One of my personal favorite game modes in Battlefront is by far the Fighter Squadron, I played the soul out of that game mode and at one point would play until my eyes would sting and barely stay open but unfortunately like a lot of games it just became very repetitive but I guess that’s what you get for over playing, like over playing a song until you can’t stand it any longer.

However! With that said, the new space combat/fighter squadron mode sounds awesome and I can see myself becoming heavily attached to the game mode once again. Developer Criterion are the studio behind Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-wing VR mission, will be the ones concentrating on the enhanced vehicle gameplay. You will see ships from across the Star Wars era’s including the Millennium Falcon and Angel I.

The other question is what will we get for our money with Battlefront? Are we going to see a £15+ expansion/£40+ Season pass within days of release or can we expect some freebies and good will gestures from EA on this one to start with?


Is there going to be VR Battlefront?

With it being said that Developer Criteria are behind the Space Battles and Vehicle game play, it’s looking like there will be some VR in there at some point.

When will Battlefront II be released/Are EA putting Battlefront II on EA access?

Star Wars Battlefront II is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 17 2017. EA and Origin Access subscribers will be able to play it a week ahead of those without subscriptions.


Thank you for reading my short (and late) brief write up on Battlefront II, be sure to have a look back at some of our older articles on ‘What We Know So Far’ to be in the loop about upcoming games!


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