Flashback Friday | Donald Duck Quack Attack!

Hi everyone! It’s Jet here finally doing a Flashback Friday. I’ve had a bit of a complicated month and I’ve not been around as much, but Dom has done an awesome job of keeping things going which I couldn’t be more grateful for, I will be doing a blog post to explain a little more in the coming days but today we will get right into the Flashback!

This weeks Flashback Friday is the Ubisoft/Disney Interactive game, Donald Duck Quack Attack (Named Goin’ Quackers’ outside of Europe) It was a game I was extremely fond of as a child and one game I think I raged at more than any. Much like the Crash Bandicoot game play you had the side scrolling angle and also forwarding facing gameplay both which were infuriating when it came to jumping over trenches/ledges and over logs, judging that distance was a nightmare! But a game that induces stress is often one I enjoy more, a challenge is what I like!


Released on Game Color/Advance, Windows, Playstation 1 & 2, N64, Dreamcast and Gamecube in October 2000, Quack Attack varied across each platform and got several different ratings on each platform from game reviewers such as IGN, Game Informer, Game Spot, Game Spy and Game Zone, spanning between a 5.5 right up to a 9/10.

I spent many hours battling this 2D scrolling and forever falling between gaps, throwing my (wired) controller as far as it would be flung! It’s funny to look back at and see how far we have come in the gaming world, how games can be difficult today but not in the same sense these genre of games were, I official gave up on so many like this because of the complexity yet today It would be not problem after the things I’ve faced on modern games! But back then I’d be a very frustrated 6 year old! I should give myself some credit, it was 17 years ago.


The plot of Donald Duck Quack Attack was a fairly simple one, it begins with Donald Duck, Gladstone Gander and Gyro Gear loose watching news reporter Daisy Duck reporting about the discovery of evil magician Merlock’s temple. During her news report Daisy is kidnapped by Merlock. His arch nemesis Gladstone sets out to find her before Donald, who decides to use Gyro’s new invention, the Tubal Teleport System to track down Merlock and Daisy. But, the machine doesn’t have enough power to get there, to make the machine working again, Donald must go on a journey to restore power to the machine.

Along the way, he must compete with Gladstone, reverse the spells that Merlock put on Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s toys, and defeat several bosses, including the Beagle Boys and Magica De Spell. In the end, Donald is able to locate Merlock; he defeats him and rescues Daisy. The temple collapses, but Gyro is able to teleport them back to his lab, where Donald receives a kiss from Daisy for saving her, much like you’d see Princess Peach give Mario a well earned kiss!


A much loved game for me and my childhood, one of the first games I would have played on the Playstation in fact as it was released when I was just 6 years old, around the time I started my gaming life. Now this is one game I’d be happy to see a remaster for! I’m a bit of a grump when it comes to remasters and I feel games that are being remastered other than Crash, are not exactly old games for example Call of Duty. But Donald Duck? I’d bag that one for sure!

Did you eve play this game as a youngster? If you did I’d love to know so let me know in the comments! Thank you for reading this weeks Flashback.


2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday | Donald Duck Quack Attack!

  1. I actually did play this game! It’s an underrated platformer, and I’m glad you found something enjoyable about it like I did. It reminds me of Crash, now that you mention him, haha.


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