New Overwatch Hero Announced: Meet Orisa

Finally! Blizzard have announced their new addition to Overwatch. Everyone, meet Orisa.


Orisa is a new tank hero that Jeff Kaplan has described as an anchor tank, so she’s very similar to Reinhardt. She has a projectile-based machine gun called the Fusion Driver, which has a long range but she will move slowly while firing (so, think D.Va). Her other abilities include a pulse which can bring your enemies closer together and even drag them from round corners, an ability called Fortify which  basically solidifies her more and stops an attack that could possibly counter her.

You read earlier that I mentioned how she’s similar to Reinhardt – and she is! She has an ability that can project a barrier in front of herself or she can aim it towards your allies to give them a damage barrier. Last but not least – her ultimate ability is a damage boost. Popping her ult gives her and your allies a damage boost for a short amount of time – which could really, really turn a game in a short amount of time.

Orisa is available for play in the PTR right now – so get playing and tell me what you think of our new tank. Personally, I can’t wait to try her out. I’m a D.Va main, so any new tank hero will be my friend for life. Check out Jeff’s announcement video here, and watch Orisa’s origin story here.

– Dom

3 thoughts on “New Overwatch Hero Announced: Meet Orisa

  1. Thanks Dom for the update! I see Efi is in the picture above as well, I’m guessing she was an invention of hers or something. I know my friend Kira is excited about the new hero and will be playing non stop for awhile (as if she wasn’t already) lol.

    -Luna 🙂


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