Season 4 Competitive Overwatch Updates – What Is Changing?

I have written a lot of posts about Overwatch in the last week or so (I hope you’re not bored of this!), and I wanted to give you a run down of whats new in Season 4 of competitive play.

Blizzard have said that they always listen to fans and what they want to see changed/happen in the new season. They want to hear from us, the fans, to see what we think could make it better for everyone to play and enjoy. So, make sure you read this article so you know what to expect in season 4 – just so there is no nasty surprises when you jump into your placement matches.

Blizzard announced back in Season 2 the skill rating decay system, which in short, means that anyone in diamond, master and grandmaster tiers had to complete a minimum of one match per week to keep that status they worked for. But, this season is different.


Players with a skill rating above 3000 will now have to complete seven games or more per week to improve accuracy and skill rating. This comes as an answer to many Overwatch players complaints about them being placed in a skill level that is inaccurate. You don’t have to complete the seven matches in one day – you can space it out, but as long as you play seven games per week, your skill rating will be safe.

In Season 3,  Blizzard readjusted their skill rating and placement mechanics to more accurately place players into the tier they feel is appropriate. But, Blizzard have noticed that players will deliberately throw matches in order to gain the lowest skill level. So in order to counter that, they have readjusted the difficulty in getting to the lowest and highest levels available. Skill rating values below 500 will not be displayed anymore too.


Some of you may have seen those special sprays that people in the top 500 have gained over the past seasons, right? Well, be prepared to work even harder for that top 500 freebie, because you will have to end the season in the top 500 to gain that spray. Many people have played competitive to get into that top spot just to get the spray and after they’ve obtained it, they head back to quick play and stay away from competitive. Now, you have to end the season with you in the top 500 to get the spray. So no longer will you be able to hit that top rating just once for the spray.

There is also a change to the respawn timings too. Blizzard have now implemented a respawn time delay that becomes active when the attackers outnumber the defenders on a control point. If the point is not captured and the defense hasn’t managed to regain their point, the defender respawn timer will increase. But, if the defense do manage to regain their point, the respawn timer resets to zero.

Check out Blizzards official blog post about it all here!

Now go forth, friends. See you in battle.

– Dom

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