My First thoughts | Ghost Recon Wildlands

Tom Clancy is a name you would have all heard of, a common gamer household name by now for sure. Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, The Division and now Wildlands. After not being a fan of The Division in the slightest, I was dubious as to what we could expect from Wildlands. Essentially we are looking at another Division in a new setting but the dynamics of Wildlands has changed an increasing amount since The Division in my opinion.

Although The Division was a big game in terms of co-op fps, Wildlands is on a whole new scale with complete open world, whilst playing the beta I had not managed to reach the ‘boundary’ zone. the weather is beautiful, the scenery is beautiful and even for a beta the game play was glitch free for me personally and the fun I had in that short time was more than I’ve had in a while on co-op with friends. If you have a bunch of friends who perhaps get missions done but not seriously and regimented, the entertainment you can create from driving vehicles, flying helicopters and jumping out of planes is endless.

I am not a huge fan of driving in games in general since Need for speed Underground and GTA Vice city, but I thoroughly enjoyed the driving on this game. I highly enjoyed the flipping of cars and flying off ‘Sanchez’ looking motocross bikes much like in the older GTA games, it was a laugh. Although not everyone is looking for a laugh on these games and do prefer to complete missions flawlessly, in that aspect the game is sniper haven, I’d say more realistically than the insane sniper shots seen on BF1, the sniping range on Wildlands is some what accurate and believable.

Ambushing was my weak point, I’d go into somewhere too quickly not scoping the area out and then bam, 10 people jump out at once and I’m a goner. But if you concentrate and really get your focus on, even the worst of players like myself have the potential to be good players. Now there is a big discussion among people who played the beta as to whether the AI is too good or too oblivious, judging by what I have to just said about my own game play and how I’m not the greatest player but I found some of it to be fairly easy, I’m going to go with the fact AI may be a little too lapse even though at times they were alerted where I really shouldn’t have been spotted.

The missions are engaging and once again if you bring sniping into it, can be perfect if you’re a stealthy player, with plenty of places to ‘camp out’ and hide from enemies, in mountain tops, in bushes, buildings and many other place, there really aren’t many boundaries in terms of what you can do on this game. If you’re an all guns blazing player it’s perfect for that too, as long as you’re confident in what you’re doing and you think you’ve got what it takes, you can blow up anything in your path. Just try not to blow up your target if it’s a hostage or somebody you need to interrogate!

I was lucky enough not to experience some of the first day  glitches and bugs and I also didn’t experience any during my time playing on solo and co-op with friends. It was mostly flawless. I didn’t experience the rogue helicopters or ram raiding trains but I have indeed seen clips of this and feel disappointed I missed out on that! It looks fun!

Now for a game I had little faith in I am pleasantly surprised and am hoping to pick up Wildlands a few days after release, but as I also have Horizon Zero Dawn on the way for Wednesday, It’s not a definite depending on how engrossed I am in that one which I predict is going to be most of my free time!

Get Ghost Recon Wildlands on the 7/3/17

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2 thoughts on “My First thoughts | Ghost Recon Wildlands

  1. Thank you for the review Jet! I’m really upset that I’v only played about 10 minutes of theWildlands beta. Work is crazy busy right now and my free time was sucked up this week and probably will be for the next 2 weeks until work goes back to normal. But I am still getting the game, probably on release day, the last Tom Clancy game I’ve played (since dodging the Division woooo) was GRAW 2 I believe. Since I didn’t pick up COD Infinite Warfare, I am really itching for a First Person Shooter (Gears of War 4 is awesome but I want something to replace COD). I was looking at Horizon Zero Dawn but I doubt I will get around to that game anytime soon. Why can’t we have like 40 hours in a day lol. Have a great week!

    -Luna 🙂


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