Overwatch Competitive Season 4 Starting Feb 28th

Competitive players of Overwatch will probably know that season 3 of competitive has just ended, but a date for Season 4 has been confirmed for February 28th.

A lot of players have been confused and not to mention, a little upset about their placement during Season 3, as they feel that they have been placed lower than their skill level. To determine your placement, you have to play 10 ‘placement’ matches before you can start climbing up the ranks. These matches will determine your skill level and decide where you should be placed so you can climb the ranks as you wish. So with that in mind, I’m hoping Blizzard will fine-tune the issues before Season 4 goes live.

Blizzard are currently finalizing a blog post about what is going to change for Season 4, so details about it aren’t being publicized just yet – but as soon as it is available for us to read I’ll be giving you guys a run down on the whole thing!

What are you all hoping to see happen in Season 4 of Competitive? As usual, let me know in the comments below!

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