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Hi guys! We have a new monthly feature post for you all the enjoy, Nintendom came up with the idea of featuring our favorite Cosplayers we’ve seen that month, so this month I’ve decided to start off with a Cosplayer I’ve seen around quite a few times now, Ben (a.k.a Maul Cosplay) A German Cosplayer and Stuntman.

Ben’s cosplays range from Metal gear solid to Dishonored 2. Cosplaying is something I’ve always enjoyed and although I have only done two, it was great fun walking around a Comic Convention with people asking to take your photo, I did a Hanje Zoe cosplay from Attack on Titan and am currently working on a Bulma from Dragonball which I play to show off at the next convention near me, in March.

Cosplaying is such a great way to bring those characters we love and adore, or even hate… to life. I’ve seen so many amazing ones in my time I actually questioned if they were the real thing, I love getting lost in the world of pretend for a moment and feeling like I really am part of a Star Wars scene when I see Storm troopers passing by, or I really am about to go kick a Titans ass, It’s nice to step away from reality for a brief moment and belong to the fandoms.

However that’s enough talking about my love for cosplay, let’s get into who this is really about! Ben, Maul Cosplay.


From what pictures I’ve gathered, this is Ben, on the average day, although when you stare you can really see so many cosplay potentials in his face, when I first discovered him I thought to myself how he would look great as Elder Maxson from Fallout, turns out he’s already done that! It’s hard to come by a good picture of it but you can google it, the likeliness is uncanny!


This is where my love for Maul cosplay started, his Geralt of Rivia was shown to me by a friend and I actually could not believe what I saw. For a split second I thought I was looking at The Witcher in 4k. The hair, the beard, the scars are completely perfect. I love everything about this cosplay and I hope we get to see more photo shoots of this one.


Now I’m not a huge Overwatch fan, but the time I did play of it back in 2016 my main was Soldier 76 so this was the best character he could’ve chosen! I still can’t believe the accuracy when I look through his pictures, down to how the clothes are tattered and worn or marked, the effort put into this is incredible. You can see this guy being the actor for game/film adaptations.


Now second for Geralt, this cosplay hit me in the feels. Although these two are a couple they did a beautiful photo shoot as Corvo and Emily who we know as father and daughter, the chemistry between them in perfect. With his Corvo mask on he looks screen accurate, If I was to bump into him at a convention I would probably fan girl as if it was the real Corvo.


Here we  have Ben as punished Snake from Metal Gear Solid, I haven’t play MGS other than a little bit of Phantom Pain, but there is no denying how accurate and on point this cosplay is. the cybernetic arm, the marks on his face. It’s another case of if this was to be adapted into a film, Maul Cosplay is your guy.

That’s all for the cosplay corner today. I hoped you enjoyed looking through these pictures and appreciate them as much as I do, there are plenty more of these he has done and I will leave his links below for you to go and have a browse but these were my favorite of the ones I saw. Thank you for reading and let us know what you think of our new monthly feature post!

Find Maul Cosplay here:


8 thoughts on “Cosplay Corner | Maul Cosplay

  1. Awesome post! His cosplay looks really good and you can tell that he took the time to get the details correct! Myself, I am going to a convention in April with my friend Kira. She’s cosplaying as Hello Kitty and I am cosplaying as either Kasumi from DOA 5 or Lana Kane from Archer! I’m so excited as this will be my first time cosplaying at a convention. Then in May I have MegaCon whihc I’m not sure who I’m going as yet. Have a great week Jet!
    -Luna 🙂


    • Hello kitty! No way that is amazing, will you be posting pictures on your blog? Id’ love to see them. Please please do Lana! Have a great time when you do go, cosplaying is so much fun, it’s fun to be around my kind of people! haha – Jet

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lol sure thing! We will definitely post pictures of our time at the convention. Lana will be sure easy to do and all I would need is to order the badge from Amazon haha. Her outfit is just a sweater dress with twin tech 9s, a shoulder holster , high heeled boots and a belt around the waist. I can pull that together easy peasy. 🙂


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