Theme Hospital | Flashback Friday

Hey guys! It’s time for another Flashback Friday, this week I will be talking about the hilarious building/management simulation game Theme Hospital.


In 1997, the business simulation developed by Bullfrog and Published by EA was released on PC. You’re the owner of a privately owned hospital, created by you from scratch with the aim to cure patients of their fantasized ailments such as ‘Bloaty head’ along with ‘Alien DNA’ and ‘King complex – Elvis impersonator’. The game carries a very dark humor in the sense of if you let people get too poorly, they die. Bloated heads explode, people vomit and collapse, Patients turn into aliens and staff quitting mid treatments.


Your progression in based on the amount of staff you employ, how much research you undertake in order to increase clinics and cures. You have a selection of rooms to build; GP clinics, Pharmacies, Surgeries, Psychiatric units and wards. Along with the basics, waiting rooms and places to get food and drink.

Each level has set financial goals, reputation, patients cured, and hospital value. Losing patience, reputation and being in the minus with hospital funds will see you losing the game. If you reach your goal for the level you have the option to move on to a bigger more reputable hospital which will come with more difficult goals and hordes of patients to keep up with however you can also stick with the hospital you are in. 

I have fond memories of this game and the bloaty heads were always my favorite diagnosis, I became a some what business pro at this game and raked in the money, my hospitals grew and grew and I won many awards… of course it wasn’t real but I was in my element!


I remember when my hospital started getting air ambulance patients I was so excited, the busier it got the happier I was, watching the patients vomit all over the floors and the cleaning staff being over worked. The game was initially going to feature real life diseases but the developers decided to go down the comedic route and put a twist on the diseases. Often called distasteful.

In 2007 Codemasters released Hospital Tycoon, although not developed by the same people I’m going to explain my likes and dislikes surrounding each game style. Despite their 10 year gap in release, I would always chose to play Theme hospital over Hospital Tycoon, the simple comedic value of Theme hospital wins over the more detailed, serious element around Hospital tycoon which follows an ‘ER’ drama story line. Given a low rating and said to have ‘Derived from Theme hospital’ by Critics but in saying that it was praised for it’s story line.


Do you have any memories of Theme Hospital? If so let us know by leaving us a comment! I also wanted to take this time to share our other social media pages with you as we don’t do that often on here but we do have a Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter so feel free to give us a like, sub and follow! Thank you all for reading, See you for next weeks Flashback Friday!

– Jet

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