Nintendom64 Blog Post #4 – Times have changed…

Ah, hey!

I haven’t done a blog post since December, so I thought it was probably time to do one. Lets start with the good news first – I FINALLY GOT TO LEVEL 25 ON OVERWATCH! My aim was to get to lvl 25 to then enter competitive games, but I’m currently coming up to level 60, and I haven’t been brave enough to join a competitive game. Maybe when I’m over lvl 100, I’ll consider it again. But lets be realistic, I’m probably not ever going to be brave enough for it…

I also turned 23 on January 29th which was pretty funky. I had a bit of a crisis last week though, when I realised that I was 14 almost 10 years ago. Jet and I, as 14 year olds, were complete weirdos to be honest. We would spend most of our spare time in the local Asda, in town, or at the park with friends. We would spend nearly every waking moment with each other back in the day, and we even started our blogging days back then too. I would show you the shit-show of our website, but it’s been taken down because it was inactive for so long :(! It was hilarious, we were the best. Ah, childhood.

Anyway, onto the kinda bad news. I left college this week because my health is awful. I also realised that I would rather spend my time here, writing for you guys and building this website up for Jet and I to live our dreams, than be studying something I have learnt over many years of writing. I’m more of a learn-on-the-job kind of girl anyway. A lot of other factors came into play when I decided to leave college too, but I won’t mention them here as they aren’t necessary. The main thing is that I’m going to be writing for TGG full-time from today onwards! So I guess that is good news for you guys.

So, I’ll be seeing you guys around a lot more now. I hope you look forward to my future posts!

– Dom

4 thoughts on “Nintendom64 Blog Post #4 – Times have changed…

  1. Welcome back and I hope that you are doing well! I look forward to your posts! Overwatch is an obsession with my friend Kira and she has been playing competitive every since she was able to. It’s pretty fun and you should try it once maybe at a non peak time like 3 am where all of the try hards are sleep lol.


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