Project Scorpio | What we know so far

Now, I’m sure this post topic has been covered a million other places, but the difference between what we post and what a gaming news page post is the personal informal aspect so I will just be telling you what you already know, in my own way. So here we go with a ‘What we know so far’ post.


The One S & Xbox Support

Project Scorpio was for many, an unexpected announcement with the One S being released not long after the E3 conference. Project Scorpio is unlikely to have a release date until the end of 2017, but with the amount of hype surrounding it, they may well give us more details at E3 this year. The worry for some when a new console comes out is “But but… what about my console? I’ve not long had it!” do not worry your self, Xbox have confirmed support will continue for Xbox one and one S.

“Xbox One and S will be supported consoles for many years”. — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3)

It’s always nice to know they still care about us late comers or those who perhaps don’t have the funds to fork out on a brand new console until later on in it’s life. I only recently purchased my Xbox One after being an avid Sony PS player. But I have been semi-converted, I love both of my consoles!

Mid-Gen/Term consoles

What Microsoft are doing with Project Scorpio is really grabbing peoples attention however, a mid-term jump in consoles always gets heads rolling, much like the PS4 Pro announcement did. Although I am super keen to get the Scorpio, I still haven’t got around to purchasing a PS4 Pro, mid-gen consoles are a bitter sweet for me personally. If you were to say the support for all older consoles would be dropped, then I’d be sold, but because the support continues for years after and quite frankly the Xbox one and PS4 are all I need for as long as they’re releasing new games on them. The need for a new shiny updated console is tempting however, so Scorpio may be the winner in my mid-term console jump choice.

The most powerful console ever built

Big words there Microsoft! What is it about Scorpio that the One S and PS4 Pro don’t have already? Because we know they both have 4K support so, let’s hear it!

Six teraflops… Yes, Six whole teraflops of GPU power, almost 5 times bigger than the Xbox one! Now I know the PC fans are sitting there saying “Well Nvidia just announced the GeForce GTX 1080 with 9 TFLOPS” But hey we’re talking about a console here however there is no promise the Scorpio even with it’s six teraflops will be able to run games solely at 4k after the recent discovery of a ‘whitepaper’ which is causing some doubt but will apparently use a similar process to the PS4 Pro’s ‘Checkboarding’. A promise we do have from Microsoft is that we can expect games to render at 60Hz for a smooth, flawless game play but it is unclear as to whether 4k and VR games will run at 60Hz.

Backwards compatibility / Frame rates

You will be pleased to know we can expect to be able to play from the same library of games, there will be no exclusive content for the Scorpio as of yet. They are also expecting to add a select library of Xbox 360 games for backwards compatibility. It’s said the games will constantly run at one frame rate, there will be no drop to enable a smooth game play, it will always be flawless at the highest frame rate. However in saying all of this, game developers are starting to worry that they won’t be able to keep up with providing games for older consoles with the new mid-term consoles popping out left right and center and is creating a lot more work for the companies.

My Views

I’m personally a quality not quantity kind of girl, give me a super console that does everything I need it to, the latest games, 4k support when possible, a clear, crisp frame rate, no necessarily the highest but whatever makes my game play smooth, then I would be happy to stick with that consoles for 3+ years, I’ve done it in the past and I would do it again but the pressure of these mid-term console releases and funds not being sufficient enough to keep up, it can be a little disheartening when you’re so content with what you have already but feel you’re never going to be “in the loop” if you can’t be on the hype of every new console especially when it’s just enhanced versions of the one you already have.

So for me it’s unclear if I will be purchasing the Scorpio on it’s release, it all depends how the build up goes with what information is released, I mean knowing my luck I’d buy it and then a month later they’d announce the Xbox Deathclaw or the PS4 ‘Even more pro’ and I’d be out the loop once again! In saying all of this, I am no expert but I’m excited either way, I love the hype of new announcements and releases and it’s my birthday toward the end of the year so fingers crossed for a September/October release date! Or even Christmas, maybe Santa will buy me a Scorpio.

That’s all from me on this topic, thanks for reading!


One thought on “Project Scorpio | What we know so far

  1. I like the concept of improved hardware, but one of the benefits of improved hardware – at least on PC- is being able to play more games, not just the same one at a better fidelity- though that is an option. I can still play some old PS2/3 games without feeling like my eyes are strained, so mid-gen consoles with no new additions are a tough sell for me. Also Microsoft’s history of supporting old systems is… suspiciously mild. Time will tell, but I hope they’re getting their affairs in order.


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