Seventeen Years of The Sims

17 years of the Sims, My Sim experience. 

In the year 2000, many of us lost our lives only to be reincarnated into another world… The Sims world. 17 years ago on the 4th of February EA Games released the first of many Sims games developed by Maxis. Now I can vouch for many and say those hours were not wasted, oh no! Not by any stretch. We created lives we wish we had, lives we would dread to have and it was heck of a lot of fun, I wouldn’t take back any of the hours I played on The Sims, I can tell you now we’re talking years in terms of game play hours. From the year 2000, I spent a very big portion of my life on this game between the PlayStation and Xbox and even then, I had the Sims on console.

My first memory of the Sims was going to my aunties house and seeing my cousin playing it, that was when I was first introduced to it, I watched in awe as my cousin played, the oven caught fire, his character was dying and along came the grim reaper, I was so intregued. I had to get it. My mum got me all of my Sims games and even had to upgrade my PC’s components to be able to run the vast amount of expansion packs they had along the way. Makin’ Magic was one of my personal favourites in the first Sims series.


There were other forms of Sims I would dabble in, between the releases of expansions. Sim City was another favourite of mine, I loved the chaos and responsiblity of keeping a whole city in check as well as the building aspect of things, it was more of a serious game unless you were happy to encounter alien invasions, tornadoes and robberies. Another of my favourite Sims offsprings was The Urbz, Sims in the City. I had this on DS and the Original Xbox and completed it on both numerous times, there was something about it I could just play for hours on end, It was most likely because it was the sims but with quests/missions and the ability to ‘complete’ it.

When The Sims 2 came along I remember be so excited I almost cried, it was weeks before my birthday which meant I knew exactly what I was getting and when I got it… That was when the Sims obsession in my life became a big deal. This was when the arguments about not wanting to get off the PC arose and I would sneak back on early in the morning because the PC was in my bedroom, but shh I didn’t tell you that! I would wake up around 7am before school and turn on the PC and play it until I had to leave for school, I would get home and do exactly the same until bedtime.

I had every expansion pack possible and my favourite two will always be Open for Business and Vacation. With the Sims 2, I was made aware of a website called ModTheSims2 and that was when my obsession grew into something beautiful. I would spend hours upon hours making the most amazing neighbourhoods using the mods which enhanced the games graphics, textures and added thousands of new objects and styles. I never wanted the Sims era to end and for me, well into the release of the Sims 3, I was still playing the Sims 2.


Once I decided I wanted to play the Sims on the go, by that I mean at friends houses, on trips out and in hospital, I converted to a laptop that was decent enough to deal with my Sims obsession, which is when I began taking my laptop to school and using it on break times, playing the Sims. No Shame, I am not sorry! The entertainment was never-ending for me. I was hooked well and truly.


When I did eventually get around to playing the Sims 3, I wasn’t as hooked at the second and I often would flip back to the second just because my modded neighbourhoods were just so much more fun. I enjoyed the freedom the Sims 3 had and being able to walk around the neighbourhood with your Sims, which still watching whats going on at home. I enjoyed the graphics mostly on the Sims 3 and the ability to make your Sims look a lot more modern and relatable.


The Sims 4 is personally where my love for the game comes to a halt. Where I would much rather sit and play the sims 2 or 3 than 4. Whilst I don’t hate it, I don’t dislike it I just wasn’t as drawn in by this one and I feel my love for the simple graphics, the heavy modding and my favourite expansions are enough to keep me in love with the Sims 2. I haven’t spent much time on 4 and I don’t feel I will in the future. Although I will play it and I will gain enjoyment out of it, there’s always something in the back of my mind reminding me of the times I had on the previous games.

 I feel that is often the same for most games out there, a point in a games life where it’s time to say goodbye. I have moved on to other game genres and platforms but my love for the Sims in general is strong. I feel this is the ultimate game to escape in and has helped me escape many times in my life, when school was just too much, when college got a little too stressful there was nothing better than throwing my bag on the floor, jumping in my pyjamas and losing myself in the wonders of Pleasant view.


Even the famous Plumbob has it’s own little history! Thanks for reading. See you in the next post!


4 thoughts on “Seventeen Years of The Sims

  1. Awesome post! My friends can tell you that Sims 3 consumed my life! As they would want to play COD or Gears of War, I would be consumed with climbing the corporate ladder or raising a family on Sims 3. I have recently purchased Sims 4 with a few expansions and I love it. It’s definitely a way for me to unwind and relax, although I have to make sure that I am not getting sucked into the world of Sims for too long, as I will neglect my other responsibilities lol :-p


  2. the only memory i have of the sims in the little i have played of the games. Was my character constantly needing to use the toilet. being so young i had no idea how to stop it, so i carried on as normal but the house became such a mess because he was in the bog most of the time. that’s when i gave up on the sims haha.


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