Flashback Friday| Harry Potter (Video Game)

It’s Friday! Which means it’s time for a Flashback. Today I’m going to take us back to 2002, a time I was very fond of in general for PS2 releases. We had Burnout 2, GTA: Vice City, THUG 4 and Hitman: Silent Assassin. Those are just some of the games I was excited about at the time but the list is a big one for games released.

The memories of this particular game spread over a number of years for me, I often spend long periods of time in hospital and 2002 was one of those times I was in and out often so this means I was put in a room with a Playstation 2 to keep me occupied. This is a story for another time, but it’s one of the reasons I stuck to gaming as a past time and now a possible future career.

I was given a handful of games to play and the ones that stuck out the most for me were Rayman and Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets, So I played these two particular games over and over and over, I’ve already done my Rayman post so this leads me onto my Harry Potter Flashback Friday!

Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets

The Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets video game adaptation of the films by J.K Rowling was released in 2002, published by EA games. It was published on Xbox, Playstation 2, GameCube and Game boy advance. It was to be the last Harry Potter game to be released on Playstation. The game was varied on the different consoles in the aspect of what you could and couldn’t do. The free flight mode (on your broomstick) was limited to where you could land on Xbox and GameCube but on the PlayStation there were no landing limitations.

The game retains many of it’s predecessor, The Philosophers Stone’s elements such as spells and the game carries off where it left off and also has kept some of the same character and graphic designs.


One of my favorite most memorable moments in the game is when you’re in the Weasley’s garden and must ‘fight’ against the washing machine which has now got a mind of it’s own, as well as clearing the garden of little evil sprite things.

maxresdefault-1(Doesn’t this make you realize how far we have come with graphics?!)

Now these days this wouldn’t even be a challenge but I had to have a few attempts as defeating this washing machine. But it was so much fun none the less. The game itself is a fairly straight forward, simple game in terms of quests. You move along the story through the castle grounds, learning new spells and how to fly a broomstick, completing tasks that tie into the books/film itself.

Another nostalgic level of the game was entering the Forbidden Forest where you are to collect ingredients for a potion Hermione is concocting. This is where you bump into the famous Aragog and he’s considered a ‘boss fight’ although that part doesn’t follow what happens in the books, but this game in loosely not solely based on the story. Throughout the game you take classes where you have specific time period to complete the class in which you learn spells and potion making, also the Dark Arts and Herbology. Eventually you come to fight the Basilisk and save Ginny much like in the story, after you complete that and return to the great hall for a ceremony, you’re now home safe and dry, until the next game!

(As you can imagine, it’s hard to find screen captures from this game!)

All in all, the nostalgia for this game for me is special, it helped me through some unpleasant times cooped up in a hospital, much like founding Two Girls gaming has done for me. I have a PS2 just below where I am sat and the urge to buy this game again is real and I think I may just go on the CEX website and buy it, why not!?

Thanks for reading my FBF this week, I hope your week has been kind to you. See you in the next post!


2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday| Harry Potter (Video Game)

  1. Great post! I have personally never played the Chamber of Secrets game, however, it is my favorite book and movie from the Harry Potter series. I still have my GameCube and N64 so maybe I will try an find the game to give it a go! Thank you and Happy Friday!
    -Luna 🙂


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