Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Review

Welcome to the family, son! I hope you’re all okay and having an awesome week. I’m not even going to ramble on here like I usually do in articles, because I am so excited to talk to you guys about my Resident Evil 7 thoughts that I can barely hold it in.

Resident Evil 7: biohazard was finally released last Tuesday – and it has been a journey that I have thoroughly enjoyed. One that has kept me on my toes and scared of what will happen over the course of the night…

Just a little disclaimer, don’t read ahead if you’re going through the game/going to pick it up because there are big, big spoilers. If you want to know my overall verdict, scroll to the bottom!


So, Resident Evil 7: biohazard is set after the events of Resident Evil 6. You play as Ethan Winters who has received an email from his missing wife, Mia. The search leads you to the Baker household, and you are in for a treat. The Bakers are a family with strange habits and secrets, and you’ve landed right in the centre of the madness. Trapsing your way through the mansion, you uncover the secrets of what had happened to the Baker family, find out where Mia is, what happened to her, and fight enemies that belong in the deep, deep depths of hell. You’re in for a hell of a night.

Resident Evil 7 is home to many horrific moments and scenes. You’re constantly put on the edge of your seat, but also wanting to hide your face to shield from jump scares and sometimes it is really hard to decide which one to do. It isn’t very often that I find games scary, and it’s not often that things make me jump and legitimately scream, but Re7 did all of those things. It has taken everything that was wrong with the horror genre, turned it upside down and re-invented it – but it isn’t perfect.

Once you start to get into the game, you’ll fight Jack and Marguerite for the first time. Jack and Marguerite are a weird, odd couple, who are the stereotypical family with a love for killing people. It seemed a little bit cliché to have the kind of family you see in Wrong Turn for the starring role in Resident Evil – but they do kind of fit the part.


Once Jack and Marguerite are out of the way, and you know that they are gone for good, you’ll be running around the mansions without a care in the world because you know that nothing else, other than the molded, can come out at you. It becomes predictable the more you play it which takes away the horror aspect of the game. Your priorities totally change the more you play and you’ll find that you’re more interested in getting to the next objective, rather than worrying about staying alive. If you are wanting more of a survival feel to Resident Evil 7 – like it was in the older games, replay it on ‘Madhouse’ difficulty. You’ll soon realise that you have to worry about everything, rather than nothing. Enemies will spawn in places they never used to, you take a lot of damage from molded, along with worrying about ammo, health and items much more than usual, ‘Madhouse’ is the difficulty you’ll want to play through as soon as possible to get the full Resident Evil experience.

There is also a lack of puzzles in Re7, which is something that the series is known for. The really hard puzzles to figure out just don’t appear in Re7, which makes you really wonder if you’re playing a Resi game or not. Overall, I think I encoutered roughly 4-5 puzzles, which is, in all fairness, pretty poor for Resident Evil. That doesn’t mean that Re7 isn’t home to old mechanics and nostalgia though – because while you may not find yourself wanting to cry over hard puzzles, you’ll want to cry over the limited space in your inventory. Oh yes, the classic Resident Evil inventory is still alive and kicking!

Overall – Resident Evil 7 is a really good addition to the series, adding old age mechanics to new ones while still keeping within the old rhythm. It isn’t a masterpiece, but they have mastered the art of atmospherics and truly haunting scenes.


Now, onto the Banned Footage Vol. 1 DLC.

The reason I waited to post this review up was because of this DLC being released so soon after the release of the game itself. Capcom really pumped this out, and I’m glad they did.

Banned Footage Vol. 1 features two new scenarios that loving Jack and Marguerite have put you in. ‘Nightmare’ puts you in the shoes of Clancy – yes, that guy from the demo – who is locked in the basement with hordes of Molded. You also have to fight Jack, which is always fun! You are able to buy weapons and ammo for your fight for survival – aswell as health, speed and weapon upgrades.

Honestly, Nightmare is incredibly fun. It’s one of the best things about the DLC and I am obsessed with it. I managed to complete it by using nothing but the knife and melee/health upgrades and I got to night 4 before having to get a shotgun. It’s so fun to be inventive with the way you set traps, upgrade what you like, fight the molded and Jack however you like – without being pressured to conserve ammo and health kits. It’s a solid minigame, and it is one that I will continue to enjoy for a long time.

Next up, you have a scene with Marguerite and Clancy called ‘Bedroom’. The aim of the scenario is for you to escape without alerting Marguerite and being a stealth master. ‘Bedroom’ will really make you think hard about what to do and where to begin, as everything is so well hidden and hard to figure out, that you will lose your sanity. Just try not to panic too much when you hear Marguerite coming for you.

Finally, there is ‘Ethan Must Die’ – and in all honesty, Ethan can die because this game mode is so hard, I will probably never, ever be able to save him. Sorry, pal. ‘Ethan Must Die’ will give you randomised items to go through the quest with, and if you die – you lose everything and you start over with new items to try and get through it with. If you manage to stumble across the place where you had died previously, you’re able to retrieve one item, but this is also randomised. Not to mention the fact that Molded will take your health in one swipe. For the gamers who adore Dark Souls style difficulty levels, this mode is for you. I have heard that not many people have actually completed Ethan Must Die too, so there’s that.

In all, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and the Banned Footage Vol. 1 DLC are both a solid entry in the Resident Evil series. It’s combined everything that we loved about the older Resident Evil games and added new mechanics to compliment them. It’s an immersive and horrifying game which I guarantee will leave you screaming more than once.

– Dom

4 thoughts on “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Review

  1. What a great review. It is always so nice to read someone else’s experience with the game. I feel the same about so many aspects you mentioned, which I will be including in my Extreme Review that I will be writing up when I have played the game through the harder modes.

    If you don’t mind, I have a review page up on my site for RE7, where I am hosting my own reviews for the game. I would like to include your review on it. I have posted the link so long on the page; here is the link so you can see what it will look like. .

    Once again, fantastic review!


  2. It’s a shame to hear that the game is so light with the puzzles and that Jack and Marguerite are the only two antagonists. It would be interesting if in the future they introduce other members of the Baker family in some DLC. Perhaps a demented uncle Frank who’s just got back from out of town…
    The DLC sounds really cool though. From what I’ve read about ‘Bedroom’ it sounds a lot like that movie Misery.


    • There are more antagonists, like the Bakers son, Lucas, but his time in the game was so short I genuinely forgot about it. I purposely didn’t put in another antagonist because I didn’t want to go into too much detail but again, it was so short lived.


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