The world of MMORPG’s

What are MMORPG’s*?

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, woah… that’s a mouthful. I know almost everyone knows what these are, but there’s no harm in talking about them, they’re an ever changing part of the gaming industry bringing in a huge revenue worldwide through subscriptions, purchasable content and add-ons.

So let’s talk about what makes them so popular (We will abbreviate to MMO)
It’s no news to anyone that the World Of Warcraft is one of the top MMO’s with over 10 billion players worldwide and has made it into the news a few times due to peoples obsession with the game. South park also did an episode on World Of Warcraft which is one of my favorite episodes to date, it’s like my life in a nutshell. In 2011 one of the biggest MMO’s at the time quickly became Star Wars: The old Republic which is developed by BioWare who also developed the increasingly popular game series, Mass Effect.


The main goal in the MMO world for your character is progression and development, you want to get bigger, stronger and not look like a potato. This can be as easy as spending 100’s of dollars/pounds on upgrading your character or grinding for 100’s of hours to get the best of the best Armour,  Transport, Weapons and more. I have played many MMO’s and I stick to the grind, getting my character leveled up over hours of hard work.


When I was younger, my MMO’s were games such as Neopets and Club penguin (Eeek, we were all kids once!) but after those I quickly grew to love the one, the only Runescape which is developed by Jagex which is still running to this day but with a very much improved graphics engine RuneTek 5 which supports DirectX & Java, great for any younger players who perhaps don’t have an nvidia geforce 470 gtx for example. In 2015, Jagex reincarnated the original severs for RuneScape enabling people who perhaps preferred the older engine to the new one. They still have Lumbridge in the new version however, this was the perfect meeting place if you fancied buying yourself a girlfriend for some gold. Those were the days and if you want them to be, they still are!

Another of the obvious biggest aspects to MMO’s are the Massive Multiplayer parts, the interaction with people around the world much like on Call of Duty, Halo etc but I feel it’s on a much more personal level for the simple fact there is often a chat active during the game so even those without headsets can communicate with other players and if you’re part of a squad, often you’ll have a TeamSpeak server where hordes (haha, get it?) of people can chat online simultaneously.


This leads me swiftly on to The Elder Scrolls online, out of most of the MMO’s I have played, this one disappointed me most. I have a huge love for Bethesda and all of their creations including Oblivion and Skyrim but ESO did not hit the spot for me. I spend a fair few hours on it, even early hours of the morning trying to enjoy it, but I couldn’t and I don’t even think I can explain why, It just wasn’t what I expected and I wasn’t having fun. But this is just me, I know a tonne of people who have give their lives to this game and it could be one of those games I play again in the future and love like I’d never disliked it. That’s what I’m like, I change my mind fairly often. I mean this is coming from somebody who put Fallout down in 2015, after playing it for an hour deciding I didn’t enjoy it. Now look at me, 220+ hours on one console, 16 on another and could write a book about it.


Warcraft as I said above is one of the biggest MMORPGs ever made, released by Blizzard on the 23rd of November 2004, which was also the 10th anniversary of the Warcraft franchise. Releasing many expansions in the following years, WoW is still what it was then, today. It in fact holds a Guinness World Record for most subscribed to MMORPG. Over 100 million accounts had been made over it’s lifetime. Like any other MMO your aim is to flourish and grow as a character, completing quests given to you through an NPC. On completion you are often rewarded with XP and in game money. During these quests is where the story is told, often through dialog with an NPC. Some challenges and quests especially near the end of the stories are better completed in groups, often it’s not possible to complete them without a group.

The Plot : Thrall’s Horde are adamant on settling in Durotar, they expanded ranks by letting the trolls, undead forsakens, orcs and tauren join them. Whilst this is happening the Gones, Dwarfs and Elves pledge their loyalties. The king of Stormwind, Varian Wrynn had mysteriously disappeared, Highlord Bolvar Fordragon’s service had been put under a mind control by the black dragon Onyxia who ruled in disguise as a human noblewoman. The heroes set out to uncover the manipulations Onixya had caused, the ancient elemental lord Ragnaros resurfaced to endanger both the Horde and Alliance. The heroes of the Horde and Alliance defeated Onyxia and soon sent Ragnaros back to the Elemental Plane.

This little excerpt of the plot is not including the tonnes of DLC stories that came after the original story line, no wonder it was made into a film and is one of the most subscribed to online games. As well as bringing many people together there have also been news stories over the past years of people actually playing it for so long, they didn’t drink, eat or sleep and subsequently died due to malnutrition, deep vein thrombosis and just being generally unhealthy, sometimes I don’t believe these stories are a result of playing video games and more so pure laziness but I do know there is one story out there that is entirely true! Crazy.


This is going to be my last section on this subject and I’m ending it with LoL, mainly because League isn’t entirely classes as an MMORPG, although it has aspect of RPG, it’s more an Multiplayer Online Battle arena, not open world. But none the less as terrible as I am at League it’s a game that is fun to play with friends and have a laugh on, just clicking, clicking, clicking away, I think that’s what stopped me playing it so much, I felt I was just clicking forever in hopes Victory was displayed on the screen after 15 minutes. My main was Ashe with her bow, she was cool! But still a massive online multiplayer, League has a huge following of people and even merchandise in most Game stories, including figures, a majorly cute Teemo hat (I saw somebody recently put one on and ask what the F* it was) Uh, excuse me that’s Teemo and he’s incredibly cute and will get payback with his Blinding Dart!

But anyway, That’s all from me, for now! I will hopefully be posting during the week or beginning of next week, unless there is some exciting updates in the gaming world, then we will be straight on it! Thanks for reading as always.


5 thoughts on “The world of MMORPG’s

  1. Neopets! That’s a blast from the past for me!
    It’s interesting looking back to Ultima Online and how MMORPGs have developed from there. Most of them still have a lot of the same notes from all those years ago. I don’t see there being another MMORPG being as successful as WoW any time in the near future though.


  2. Old School Runescape really tempted me to be drawn back in, but its such a time sink, spent way too much time playing it in like 2007.

    Dead man mode and some of the other things they are doing with it look cool though (still going to avoid though…).


    • I’ve played the new Runescape, although it’s pretty much the same just better graphics (marginally) There’s also DarkScape which is another Runescape spin off using most of the same features from Runescape. I do see what you mean though, it’s a game needing grind and when there’s a world of expensive games out there I feel they come first over a free online game, as fun as it was! haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, the grind is what make the accomplishments feel that much better, because you sink so much time into achieving it. But ultimately the time to sense of accomplishment ratio for Runescape is just not for me anymore, don’t have that kind of time.


  3. Thank you for the post! I am more of a console gamer so the only MMO experience I have is with ESO for PS4 and Smite I guess lol. My boyfriend however, is a completely different story. He has or is playing all of the games listed in this segment (because he tries to get me to convert to PC Gaming 🙂 ). He also plays some game called Rust which is essentially the same. It’s hilarious that he has a “Back in the day… Runescape” story that he tells me every so often.

    In response to you not really liking ESO (and I’m not sure how relevant this will be for PC) but there were a few bugs that needed to be patched. I get it though, sometimes I’m super into it and want to build and craft and take on missions and other times I find myself running around town fighting guards or aimlessly looking into the distance wondering why I don’t get the same feel as Oblivion. It’s just a different game and sometime we want to go back to what we know and love. I’m sure you’ll find something to like about the game later.

    Thanks again!


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