Flashback Friday – All Those Demo Discs!

Happy friday everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. My flashback friday this week is everyone’s favourite memory in gaming… DEMO DISCS!

Most people I know – when reminiscing about the old days, will always mention demo discs that we used to get. We got them in cereals, in PlayStation magazines, they were hidden in some PS1 game cases and I think that at one point they gave them away in McDonalds happy meals. They are one of the greatest things about the 90’s.

The demo discs I remember mostly had Kula World, Spyro, Tomb Raider and Silent Hill – although I wasn’t much of a fan of Silent Hill until later in life (bearing in mind, when I was playing demo discs, I was about 5). I also remember one sports game that I used to play and it had basketball on it – that day I scored a goal by throwing the ball from the other end of the court.

So, let me explain Kula World for those of you that don’t know/remember much about it. It was one of the most simplistic games ever, but it was so challenging and hard. You played as this ball, and you had to roll around collecting coins, fruit and keys to advance to the next level.You could control the environment too, so you were able to roll up walls to collect items and solve puzzles. It sounds really boring, but trust me, it’s the most fun you’ll ever have.


I think a few of you guys know about Spyro and Tomb Raider, but just incase – I’ll brief you on them both.

You probably recognise Spyro from Skylanders, but he did have his own series back in the 90’s! So, in Spyro the Dragon, you play as a little purple dinosaur named Spyro. He’s followed closely by a dragonfly called Sparx – and the both of you travel to different environments to collect items and free his fellow dragons, before defeating Gnasty Gnorc. Games like Spyro were so simple, and that’s why a lot of fans enjoy it and still continue to do so to this day. It was a game that anyone could play, and you didn’t need to be skilled with a controller.


Last but not least we have Tomb Raider. The only thing I used to do in Tomb Raider was complete the obstacle course in her mansion, and lock the butler in the freezer. But, that was in the full Tomb Raider 1 & 2 games, so I’ll move on.

In Tomb Raider, you play as Lara Croft, an archaeologist who is hunting for three Scion artifacts. This journey takes you to many places around the world – including an ice cave. Lara was such an awesome character to play and control because she can flip everywhere and shoot enemies while doing so. She is badass – and Tomb Raider will always be a firm favourite of mine – all thanks to the demo discs I first found her on.


So guys – what were your favourite memories from the demo disc days? Let me know in the comments! Lets get nostalgic up in here!


10 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – All Those Demo Discs!

  1. I remember I got into Baldur’s Gate 2 because I somehow got a demo disc for it and that was it, I was hooked because the demo only took you to escaping the dungeon and there was still so much story to be told. Totally fell in love with this series after I bought the whole game.


  2. While we are on the subject of demo discs, spare a thought for us old ‘uns who used to read Amiga Power and demo discs that came as 3.5″ floppies/diskettes. Now THOSE were the days…

    Or those early cd days when the official Playstation magazine just put the discs in paper wallets glued to the cover, and they would get snapped in two by the postman or strangely disappear off the covers on the shelves instore.


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