Fallout 5 | What do we want from it?

Release Rumors

It’s been rumored over the last few months that Fallout 5 is in pre-production, Ryan Alosio (Voice of Deacon) openly spoke about how Fallout 5 is on the horizon via his instagram, also saying he can’t reveal much. However, in my opinion he was too flippant about it and was possibly just looking for some ‘banter’ then again, what do I really know?

So recently, I have gathered some information on whats a rumor and whats truth. Quite frankly it is all just hearsay and we will not know until an official announcement. Obsidian have currently teased with fans who believe a Fallout: New Orleans is on the way after a photo posted on their social media of a pipe and strand of straw, when I dug around a little I came to the conclusion it is more likely to be Pillars of Eternity 2, but we can hope right?

We also are expecting an Elder Scrolls 6 in 2017, so with the hopes of a Fallout 5, the race is on Bethesda, which are we getting first? Let’s hope there’s a huge announcement at E3, I’d be happy with either so I’ll  have my popcorn ready.


What would we want from another Fallout?


Sticking with the American nostalgia, Fallout is set in the United States. New Vegas, Boston, Washington D.C and Southern California, we could expect to see a New York, LA, or Florida setting which although they could easily pull off and make another breathtaking game with, I feel we are ready to broaden the horizons… spread our wings and maybe go somewhere like Russia, I feel it would be a good setting for a game like Fallout and having a whole different aspect on the factions, the political side of things would be interesting as it wouldn’t be those in power in Russia now, it would be Bethesda’s own take on the country but still using the culture as inspiration.


Now this is something so many people want to happen, I for one can live without it so It’s not an addition I will be gutted about if they don’t make it happen. However for other people who are interested in Co-op play (After Tamriel online, I’m not a fan) Much like when you take Valentine, Hancock, Danse etc on adventures with you, the idea would be that you can take a friend with you and no longer be a Lone Wanderer. Whether the XP would be collective and earned together like in Tom Clancy’s: The Division when you take a team mate into combat or separately. It’s no necessarily a make or break situation but I feel people will either use it or they won’t, it’s not going to affect solo game play if you simply don’t use it. But for me, with my current gaming preferences I don’t feel I would make use of this option.


Game play, Graphics, Story

The stories in Fallout 4 in my opinion are a some of the best in my gaming history. I shed a tear or two at the end of my first Fallout 4 play through, after choosing the Brotherhood and watching the Institute go up in flames in the cut scene, it gives me chills. My second play through was just a gut wrenching  choosing the Institute and watching the Brotherhood go up in flames, there isn’t really a winner in this game but I enjoyed both of my ending choices. The story for 5 needs to top that and for me I feel that’s a very tough one to beat. Bethesda being who they are, I am more than sure they’ll pull it off.

Creation engine was used for Fallout 4 and although it does have good graphics, if you think along the lines of The Witcher 3 and what we can see so far from Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn, you really do open your eyes to the possibilities of what Fallout 5 could look like. Death claw training; pacify them into allowing you to ride on their backs, that sounds like fun! Also perhaps a weapon rethink, Fallout 4 weapon game play is inaccurate and clunky at times, occasionally on the slow side or just don’t make sense at all, some weapons damages being less effective than weapons with higher damage, possibly just needs to be more prescise and free flowing.

In Fallout 4, a big complaint by many is the glitches such as AI’s walking through walls, getting stuck in front of you so you can’t move at all, ending up on roofs, strange things like that. However, I don’t feel this can be something people should Fault Bethesda for. Number one being if you use mods things like that will happen. Number two, Fallout is a HUGE game, the time and development put into the game is more than enough to justify it’s glitches, a lot of the time glitches for each person are unlike others and also on different consoles so that would be one heck of a crash log for what could be very minor glitches. As frustrating as they can be, I feel in an RPG game it’s not something they would be able to focus on like they would an online multiplayer game. There are however some glitches that NEED fixing that are requently reoccurring for numerous people, but they will be a focus for Fallout 5, not a fix for Fallout 4.

E3 will be broadcast on the 13-15 of June 2017.
Now that’s all for my Fallout 5 speculation, we may be looking at Obsidian getting there first with a New Orleans or we may be seeing Elder Scrolls 6 before Fallout 5, who knows right now! Let’s hope we see some cryptic clues by Bethesda over the next few months that we can try and shed light on. There’s nothing like a little bit of theory making!

Thanks for reading, it’s really appreciated! See you in the next post.

– Jet

14 thoughts on “Fallout 5 | What do we want from it?

  1. I want to enjoy a Fallout game, unfortunately they seem intent on offering the same old, broken engine that they’ve been using for years, and I think people are growing tired of it.

    Fallout is known for its open world, for its sandbox nature…but I think they need to hone in certain aspects and maybe step away from the idea that everything in the world is manipulatable. Is that a word. Maybe?


  2. I could stand to see Fallout 5 take the approach of New Vegas. Fallout 4’s story didn’t resonate with me. It felt too much like a cookie cutter in design. Many of the side quests felt like they were thrown together quickly, and while the settlements were fun to build, there was just not much of a reason to get creative unless you already were inclined to be that way.

    And I’d really like to avoid multiplayer at all costs.

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    • Fallout 4 certainly isn’t for everyone, but for me it reshaped my gaming preferences from online gaming to being heavily involved in RPG open world games. I rarely play online at all these days I found the Fallout story one of the most gripping but I’ve been told the Witcher 3 will change my mind on that once I’m further on, we we shall see! I personally wouldn’t want a New Vegas route for 5 but it does indeed seem to be what the people want!

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  3. I didn’t play Fallout 4 but I loved 3. I’m not really sure I need another Fallout game in my life. I kind of feel if I want to play one I’ve got my choices already. A new elder scrolls game on the other hand I could really get into (as long as it isn’t online or multiplayer).


  4. I certainly wouldn’t play any multiplayer in this, but it’s fine if it’s added on one condition: it is designed as a single player experience first. Co-op and such are fine additions but taking away from the single player to include it would be folly.

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    • Totally agree, as long as they are two different game play options. Personally feel it doesn’t need to be added, this is the beauty of this game, it’s my world and I can immerse myself in it without being invited to somebody else games/world.

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    • Building real relationships would be a good aspect. Basically here, we are talking about a Sims type of game play, Sims but with a story line like no other haha! That would be cool however they still need to stick to what Fallout was made to be else it just becomes a whole new game in itself .


  5. It’ll be interesting for sure; the impression I got was that fallout 4 was divisive among fans. For me, the crafting & base building of 4 was not the direction I would have liked the series to take; I felt that it watered down the plot and made the world feel ’empty’… So whilst it may be unpopular, I think I’d like to see a more focused game; fewer side quests, a more involved plot and smaller game world, but one polished to perfection.


  6. New Orleans sounds like it would be interesting. If that’s going to be the next setting, I can’t imagine the map would be too big, though. New Orleans itself is very small. I was already disappointed in the size of the map for New Vegas, but I didn’t like that one too much in the first place. For me, nothing will beat Fallout 3. Still, I get butterflies thinking about another Fallout! (Was not a huge fan of Fallout 4, the story didn’t really pull me in.)

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    • Like you say as long as the map is bigger, it would be a good addition to the series. I personally don’t think it’s New Orleans and I’m still trying to decipher if it’s going to be Obsidian or if it’s just going to be a fallout 5. I’m quite a big fan of fallout 4, it was actually my first real introduction to the series as I was a late comer but since then it’s been everything to me haha! I loved 3 too, it’s up there with 4 for me. I agree, totally get goosebumps just thinking about getting to see another cutscene & end cutscene, they’re always hair raising.

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