Flashback Friday: Tekken 1

Look at this – I’m posting a Flashback Friday on time for once! Anyway, this week I wanted to take you all back to the first Tekken.

In December 1994 Namco released Tekken into arcades and a year later in ’95 it was released on Playstation 1. The first of many Tekken games. In the same year as Tekkens release to Playstation 1 it’s successor, Tekken 2 was released. The arcade game features eight characters, however the PlayStation version features eighteen characters.


Tekken 1 was one of the best games, and a game I spent most of my childhood trying to master. Still to this day, I haven’t got to the end. I usually get beaten to a pulp by Law or Paul – but that doesn’t mean that it isnt’ awesome and devilishly fun game.

It is incredibly hard too. My fondest memory is one that involves Nina (because I played her constantly as a kid, she was my favourite) – I used to play Tekken with my brother, and he would always win but I remember it being one of the most fun experiences of my childhood. Tekken 1 made me one of the biggest Tekken fans and since that game, I grew into the gamer I am today. So, thanks Tekken, you’re the best.

If you played the original Tekken, tell me some of your memories from it, your favorite character and which was your favorite Tekken from the series? Thanks for reading!

– Dom

3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Tekken 1

  1. Great post. I actually did not grow up playing the first Tekken all that much because Virtua Fighter 2 on Sega Saturn commanded my attention. I DO remember the first time I played it in arcades when I got the chance. I picked Jack and Michelle Chang all the time, but the first person I ever selected was Yoshimitsu. HE HAD A SWORD, so naturally I thought I’d be unbeatable. Quickly learned he had the worst attack range in the entire game and I couldn’t figure out how to use his sword attacks!!! Things got better with time and practice, but that was a baptism by fire.


  2. This was the game my wife (no fan of videogames) used to actually enjoy playing. I remember being on our honeymoon and finding a Tekken arcade machine and she got quite addicted to it. It was probably the only playstation game she ever played, when that came out later. Thanks for the memories.


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