Take A Look Into Horizon Zero Dawn’s Story In This New Trailer

Guerilla Games have released a new story trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn today, showing a little look into what we will be diving into on March 3rd.


If you haven’t heard of Horizon Zero Dawn, have you been living under a rock? Annonced at E3 last year, it’s quickly become a highly anticipated title. Set in a lush, bright and mysterious land, you take on the role of Aloy – a skilled fighter and hunter who embarks on an emotional and thrilling journey to uncover the fate of humanity and the planet.


Check out the new trailer here and let me know what you guys think! Are you going to be picking it up?

– nintendom64

7 thoughts on “Take A Look Into Horizon Zero Dawn’s Story In This New Trailer

    • I agree that Killzone Shadowfall was an absolute flop, I actually think it’s in my top 3 most disliked games so I see why you would lose faith in Guerrilla games but Horizon Zero Dawn is potentially going to be one of the biggest selling games of the year & I’m quite looking forward to it! Let’s just hope it’s all they’re cracking it up to be! – Jet.

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  1. I’ve read about the game but this the first trailer I’ve seen about it. Looks a bit like a Sci Fi version of Syrim or Witcher 3, might be a game I check out maybe. I do enjoy playing these open world style games.


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