Halo Wars 2: Blitz Multiplayer Trailer Released – Along With Dates For New Beta!

Heads up, Halo fans – there’s a new beta heading your way!

The guys over at 343 Industries have released a new trailer for an all new mode coming to Halo Wars: 2 called Blitz – and the best news? A new beta will be available to play on the 20th January – 30th January.


But, if you were looking forward to being able to carry cards from the beta to the full game on release, think again. Being noted on halowaypoint.com, “it’s important to note that none of the cards or progress you earn within the Blitz Beta will carry over to the retail game (though the experience and strategies you develop certainly will!), we do have two special rewards that will apply to the full game. As a special incentive and thank you, everyone who participates in the Blitz Beta will be awarded up to two free in-game Blitz card packs in the final retail version when it ships in February. You’ll earn one card pack just for logging into the Blitz Beta and another one after you’ve completed your first match. So jump in and get a leg up on the competition before launch in February, help us test aspects of the game AND earn yourself two bonus card packs for Halo Wars 2 come launch!”

Check out the trailer here, and remember to keep the beta dates in your diaries guys!

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