Flashback Friday: The Simpsons Hit and Run

Hello everyone! I trust you all had an amazing time over the holidays! I spent most of my time in Brighton (the city that has hold of my heart) and I’m still here now – but I thought you guys would want a new FF, even if it is a few days late ;).

Over the holidays, I spent my time replaying through The Simpsons: Hit and Run, and oh my god – the nostalgia it held! As much as I like GTA, I will, most of the time, rather play Hit and Run. Not just because I love The Simpsons, but because of how light-hearted, and downright hilarious it is.

Hit and Run came out when I was a kid, and I have fond memories of being at my local youth club and choosing to stay inside and play it rather than heading outside and doing exercise – because lets face it, sitting down and wreaking havoc was more interesting than playing tennis with some kids you dislike.


While replaying it, I realised how hard it actually is. I don’t really know whether I found it difficult because it was genuinely hard or whether I’m used to mechanics being a little better nowadays, but I’m going to go for the latter anyway. Who wants to admit things are too hard? Not me, because that’s not how I do things.

The Simpsons Hit and Run is such a classic game, and it gives anyone the chance to pick it up and play without any prior knowledge of video games. It holds a special place in my heart and I really, really would like a remastered version for PlayStation 4. Thats a long shot, I know, but I’m going to wish really hard and hope it happens. If not, I’ll stick to clunky, bad mechanics.

What games do you guys love to revisit every now and then? Let me know in the comments below!

– nintendom64

8 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: The Simpsons Hit and Run

  1. I remember this coming out when I was at university, which meant it was never going to get a play from me! It looked interesting but money was tight at the time. I see it get quite a bit of praise these days.


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