Dishonored 2 Review: Emily Kaldwin 

The time has finally come, Dishonored 2: My review as Emily Kaldwin 

Dishonored 2 fact – In Germany its full name is ‘Dishonored 2: The Legacy Of The Mask’ 

It’s been a long time waiting, but I finally decided to put hands the keyboard and talk about one of my favorite game series, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Dishonored Collectors Edition and Collectors Guide too which is absolutely amazing, the guide contains so much art work, details and tips on playing the game.


It also came with several propaganda posters on card. I will drop a picture above of my collection. Corvo’s mask is incredible and the detail is perfect. You also get Emily’s ring in the collectors edition which is probably more accurate in detail than the game, it’s beautiful. The game itself comes in a steel case with Corvo on the front and Emily on the back. Depending if you’re one of the good guys or the bad, the poster has a choice of two sides, Jessamine or Delilah.

Emily Kaldwin Play through

“It’s happened again. Someone’s pulled the rug out from under you. An empire at your feet, and you’ve lost it all. Be honest, did you really deserve any of it? More important, what would you do to get it back?”– The Outsider

Stealth or High chaos, that is the question that will depend how this review is written. So I will start with my choice, High chaos. Bloodshed, bone breaking, jaw cracking chaos. If there is one thing the game delivered on its how much havoc you can wreak upon Karnaca. I for one and quite the expert on high chaos, but oh no not by choice… I just can’t help myself when I’m in a spot of bother, nowhere to run, I have to think for myself. I leave no prisoners. Of course I speak purely from the mind of Emily Kaldwin, who wouldn’t be a little angry and messed up after losing their mother, seeing their father turned to stone in front of her, finding out it was their aunt behind it the whole time. Long live Delilah Copperspoon? That’s a no from me.

From the first cut scene I knew this was going to be as much as a corker as the first, if not better. Starting with graphics, ultimately they are better however they still have the dark, edgy grunge look as Dishonored 1, almost like a moving renaissance painting. The hands on the characters, they are huge! I can’t be the only person to notice, c’mon? The flawless play through from start to bitter end is nothing but gripping, engaging and somewhat frustrating in an ‘I love to hate this game’ kind of way. I would go days without playing it purely as I had to cool off because my face would get closer and closer to the screen in hopes to snag that last bit of a mission and fail over and over from trying too hard, so I’d go calm down for a day or two and then get back in the game, low and behold I’d complete the mission first try.

Emily Kaldwin is much like Corvo, she has been granted abilities by an outwordly character, the outsider who you meet in the void during Dishonored 1. Emily is given the same mark on her hand as her royal protector is given (Corvo) who is also her father. Emily’s powers allow her to do all kinds of awesome stuff similar to Corvo but with a twist on each. Far reach is my favorite much like Corvo’s Blink. Far reach enables Emily to travel a certain distance or grab and object from afar. Another fun ability she has is Mesmerize which allows you to put your enemies in a sedated/confused state and sneak past without harming. Shadow walk will allow you to change form and sneak around various objects and people and into small spaces. Domino is a neat ability too, you connect several enemies together and what you do to one will happen to all.

In Karnaca and the island of Serkonas, instead of cannibal rats like in Dunwall, we have bloodflies which are actually a little easier to get rid of in my opinion. However the new threat in Dishonored 2 is the clockwork soldiers who are ruthless, the only way you’re getting passed is by jumping up to their heads and ripping them off, you can also shoot body parts such as legs to slow them down a little but these dudes caused me no end of trouble. There are also the Howler gang, which are some ordinary looking (maybe a little dark) bunch of people who can use abilities to throw you off track whilst attacking. There is a mission whilst you’re in the Dust District to kill Paolo, twice. As that is the only way he can stay dead. The Howlers are currently in conflict with the Overseers.

The clockwork mansion, this was quite possibly the most frustrating level in the game, even compared to the first game. But in hinds sight it was the best mission in terms of being a challenge, it was where Sokolov was taken prisoner and it was my job to save him. The clockwork mansion belonged to Kirin Jindosh who you are to find and dispose of (or not dispose of) depending on how you’re playing. I however have no chill and assassinated him, got Sokolov out and headed back to the Dreadful Whale, which is where you reside in Dishonored 2 with Megan Foster who I see being much like Samuel Beechworth in Dishonored 1.

Delilah, daughter to Euhorn Jacob Kaldwin is your overall target for assassination in Dishonored 2, she has cleverly found the isle – where the outsider draws his powers from in the void which she called for help from Ashworth, Duke, Jindosh, Stilton and Hypatia who performed a seance to free her from the void. Bringing her back caused nothing but bloodshed and darkness upon Dunwall and Karnaca. Delilah was now immortal. Ah, but is she? Of course not, Emily And Corvo have it all sorted! There are different ways you can deal with Delilah, but in my eyes she completely tore the heart from Dunwall and Karnaca therefore deserves nothing but eternal darkness right?


After each fully completed mission you get stats, showing you how much chaos you caused, along with the time it took you for that specific mission, you can also see how long it has taken you overall. Before the game was released, developers said the game should take around 12-20 hours to complete which includes time it takes to gather all the collectibles. In high chaos the game is most likely going to be quicker because you aren’t going to be planning your next hiding spot each time you move, it’s just in with the sword and job done!

The problem is with a game player like me, I enjoy high chaos and wreaking havoc until the ending. When those cut scenes roll and you watch Sokolov sink into a deep depression carrying a heavy burden because of the destruction caused by Emily and Corvo, Emily is no longer a highly respected empress and let’s just say Dunwall is now quite lacklustre. Leaving a burnt out legacy of rulers who once were, not knowing what will happen next.

I am yet to play as Corvo and I am also yet to trophy hunt so I still have so much to explore with this game. I’m disappointed that poor Sokolov is now so sad and hurt by the events, when he could’ve regained his spark and painted to his hearts content, proud of the work Emily had done, Dunwall would’ve seen Emily as a compassionate, thoughtful brave leader. But that’s the beauty of games like Dishonored, no two playthrough is ever the same, you have the chance to either go as Emily again, try pick up the pieces, quietly or play as Corvo and see what happens with his outcome. Either way, Arkane and Bethesda didn’t disappoint me. I wasn’t worried at all about being let down by this game, because I have a tonne of faith in my beloved Bethesda. They delivered and I received hours of enjoyment in the story and I’m looking forward to playing through again after taking some time out to recuperate from the intensity of Dishonored.

I don’t want the Dishonored story to end, I’m looking forward to DLC and more play throughs. Thanks for reading and let me know what your thoughts are on my review! Don’t forget to check out social media out below!
Jet x


7 thoughts on “Dishonored 2 Review: Emily Kaldwin 

  1. i jumped right into spoilers there haha, enjoyed reading this as i’ve never played these games but it sounds very interesting and i may have to give them both a try sometime, as for the characters. Emily sounds like a complete badass no matter how you play, i’m a sucker for both stealth and all out bloodshed i can already see myself liking these games 🙂


    • It’s alright technically there are multiple paths it can take that I don’t even know of yet because I’ve not dived into any other reviews or spoilers so there’s still surprises left in it! – Jet


  2. Its a great game, I’m still playing ( just got past the clockwork mansion level) but I’m taking it steady, enjoying the experience. Its a wonderful world to be lost in. Some of the levels are quite large, which is great. Wish there were more games like this. The artwork and the backstory hints at a real and deeply effective universe.


    • The clockwork mansion took me longest of all. I got lost in the walls for hours! But I throughly enjoy the Dishonored games and am already hoping for a 3rd. I feel Dishonored has a great reply value and I have played the first one multiple times now.


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