2017 Gaming updates

Hi guys it’s Jet! I’m back and trying to throw myself full force into the new year, I’m not one to make resolutions or anything but I want make sure we’re keeping you guys happy by getting content out there when we can. It’s been a slow start but we’re here, behind the scenes getting things in order! My son has started nursery the beginning of this year, so I have more time to put into giving you guys more.

So, it’s 2017! We have been given plenty to look forward to and I thought it would be a pleasant idea to get you all into the loop about upcoming games, developments and other gaming news.

Star Citizen Crowdfund hits over $140 billion

If you aren’t a PC game player, you may not know about this game, it’s been in development for 6 years and I’ve been following their progress for the last year. This game is what made me incredibly excited by No Mans Sky hoping we would be looking at a Star Citizen-like game but for console. But I completely underestimated the power of Roberts Space Industries. In 2012, RSI set up a Crowdfunder which to this day has raised $141 million dollars towards the development of this game and they’re now dropping hints about further developments being made.


Although no official release there are selected people who are currently using the Alpha  2.6 which allows the team to see how the game is doing during game play. This game is one of the biggest open world space games ever created, giving you the freedom to do almost anything, including becoming a space pirate, or the one to capture the pirates. Imprison other players in the galaxy or be the prisoner. If you have a PC good enough to play this game, on release I highly suggest you invest.

If you want to see more about this game, visit their website and have a look at some youtube game play from those on the Alpha.

Mass Effect Adromeda, Mass Effect 2 free on Origin

BioWare and Ea have this week announced the release date for Mass Effect: Andromeda for the 21st of March in America and March 23rd for the rest of us. There is also game play footage released at Nvidvia CES 2017 which I have linked you to here. The fourth installment of the Mass Effect series is the first of them to introduce open world game play. Which for me is a big pro, I am a huge fan of open world RPG. Rather than chose from 6 different classes with different skill sets you now build you own class essentially by gaining different skills and points throughout the game. It’s sounding promising! But we will wait for it’s release on March 23rd before making any judgments.


Are you signed up to Origin or EA access? If not, you should! The monthly game choices are never a let down and not to mention that they’re free for as long as you have your EA or Origin account. Mass Effect 2 is currently on there for free as part of EA’s free monthly game. Although these don’t come with the DLC packs, it’s still totally worth it!


Now you all know I write about this game at any chance I get, so why not now hey! As I’ve mentioned previously, this Prey is in no relation to the Prey released in 2006. Described as being in homage to the 1994 sci-fi fantasy game System Shock (which currently has a remaster in the works) Bethesda have said to have scheduled release for Prey sometime in 2017, meaning an actual release date isn’t too far away, existing stuff! Rafael Colantonio, Co-Creative Director at Arkane Studios has said the game will be “Really flawless when we ship” so expectations for this game are high. I can’t wait to be thrown into the world where JFK was never shot and invested in a space program where I have to save the current civilization, no better way to spend an evening! If you want to read more about Prey, go check out my post here.


Now you may notice a handful of games I’ve not added here and that will be because Dom will be keeping you all up to date with those, anything in relation to Nintendo, Silent Hill, Resi Evil and Persona are her field or expertise so keep an eye out for any of those coming your way soon!

I hope the new year has treated you all well and we look forward to your feedback and thoughts. Don’t forget to check out our social media pages, I’ll link them below! Thank you all!


4 thoughts on “2017 Gaming updates

  1. Happy New Year! I’m thinking of getting the new Mass Effect game when its released. I’ve never played any of the other games. This one looks stunning from the trailers ect, so think this will be a game I’ll get next. Do you think it will be easy for a new player like me to get into Mass Effect Andromeda without knowing the story from the other games?


    • Personally Paul, If you were to start at Adromeda but perhaps get a run down of the story so far, I don’t think it would make the gameplay any less gripping, especially as the gameplay to Adromeda is supposed to be changing quite a few aspects of Mass Effect. There wouldn’t be harm in going backwards either, that’s what I did with Fallout as I was late on the scene with that. Hope your new year was a good one! – Jet

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for the info. I loved those trailers for Andromeda, they look so exciting. After playing the Return to Arkham Collection and then The Last Guardian, I fancied playing a space epic next. Something different and new that I didn’t know anything about for a change. I might have read up on the other games though, so it gives me an idea like you said. I’ve only ever played Fallout 3, loved that game, keep meaning to try the others. I need more hours in a day LOL! Cheers, had a great new year thanks 🙂


  2. Great run down! As a long-time BioWare fan, I’m interested in seeing where they take the Andromeda story. And of course, Prey is definitely on my radar as well! Unfortunately I’m not a PC gamer, but I’m glad Star Citizen has gotten its funding; friends of mine are quite excited for it.

    2017 looks like it may shape up to be a good year for games!


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