My Year (Jet) | 2016 In a nutshell

Merry Christmas Eve one and all! It’s Jet here, signing off for this year on TwoGirlsGaming, I will be back on the 1st of January to fill in you in on all of our TGG plans, but for now… here is my year in a nutshell.

It’s been a year, I say a ‘year’ because I don’t really know how to describe it, for me personally it’s been quick but it’s been full of some testing times along with some great times. I can’t complain too much because well, I’m alive aren’t I? The start of the year was a difficult one for me and it’s when the gaming became more than just gaming, it became a way I switched off the negatives for a while. The middle of the year became bearable, things got better for me mentally, my struggle was nearing an end after making some changes in my life. In September, I went on holiday with my family, TwoGirlsGaming was launched, I turned 23 and I was smiling a lot more than I had previously. I felt I finally could focus on something I was passionate about, a way to knock down some of those negatives.

In October, I was taken to hospital via ambulance as I had developed Pneumonia and was struggling to keep myself well at home, this was a massive kick in the teeth for me, but I knew I’d bounce back like I always do, I have so many reasons to fight. In hospital I put my all into getting better and getting home and after 3 long weeks I was sent home to brave the world again. I threw myself into the blogging and social media building, applied for college and told myself I would stay well, focused and strong.

In November, my little miracle turned two whole years old, he doesn’t look it, he’s a teeny little monkey but he’s officially two and I officially have a toddler who has more attitude than I know how to deal with. He the apple of my eye, he’s the reason I’m going to make waves and show people you can be successful in areas people would otherwise say are not a career path or are not a ‘real job’. He starts nursery in January and I will be putting a lot of that time into getting TwoGirlsGaming out there. Determination is the key for 2017.

We now also have merchandise, which looks so awesome! Check out our instagram for pictures of our t-shirts. Our Youtube has now got 126 as of today which makes us so happy! We have plenty of reviews, opinion posts and blogs to come your way about new and old games, along with our Flashback Friday features and also we have some articles written by guest writers being posted in the new year! Exciting stuff, what are you most looking forward to this coming year for yourself and gaming wise? Let us know!

I want to take this time, to thank everyone who has taken the time to like, subscribe, follow and interact with our social media pages over the last 4 months. It’s been overwhelming how much love we’ve had from so many of you. You’ve helped me gain so much more confidence in myself and what I do too. It’s humbling. We have lots to share with you in the new year so stick with us! We can’t thank you enough. That’s me done for 2016. Have an absolutely amazing Christmas one and all!

Lots of nerdy love, Jet


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