P.T Character Models Made Public By Dataminers

Guys, this is big news for me. This made my little heart skip a beat. Some of you might know that game design was the only thing I studied for 3 years before changing to journalism – and while browsing news on my phone in bed, I saw GamesRadar post about P.T character models. I shot right out of bed, and had a look for myself.

Now, I am really about to go in hard on this because to me, it’s like christmas has come early. I was really upset about Silent Hills being cancelled as you know that the Silent Hill series is my favourite. Not only that, but my love for character modelling will never fade. It was my strongest point while I was studying, I think.

Users on facepunch.com were discussing the idea of extracting model data from P.T – and one of them successfully did it and released it for everyone to look at. I’ve managed to get them all, and texture them very, very badly (that was my weak point…), and examine how many polys they were, the way the textures are designed and used, and more importantly, being able to examine the geometry. I’m going off topic now, I’m getting way too excited.

So, lets all get excited over the models I’m about to show you. Look on to see them in all their glory!

Norman Reedus

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How bloody exciting, eh? So, this is Norman Reedus’ character in Silent Hills. As with all the P.T characters now, no-one knows who they actually are, so details are pretty rare to come across. Altogether, I think the model was 87,689 polys, which in fairness is good. Having as much detail in the face while keeping a relatively low poly-count is difficult to do without sculpting for me, so I really love the fact that it’s detailed without the use of Mudbox or zBrush.

Unknown Character and Monster

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While browsing the thread and waiting for the character models to do whatever they were doing at that time, people discussed who the male character and the monster actually were, and if they were meant to be in the demo and no one has managed to unlock them. It’s a bit strange to have these two models in the demo files without them having any kind of connection to it, so watch this space – maybe a new update on the demo will come soon. That may be wishful thinking though, so…


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Here’s the baby. You know, the one you find in the sink… that one. One thing I love about this model is the texture and how detailed it is. You never really notice the little things when you’re playing through P.T, and it’s nice to really take in the art of it all.


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I actually ended up deleting Lisa’s hair because the texture included was going to take me a while to get working properly, but seeing Lisa’s face up close, without her trying to bite my face clean off, is kind of unsettling, don’t you think?

With all of these models released, what are your thoughts on the other content in the demo? I’m going to keep my eye on it and see if anyone has found more information, so be sure to check back here to keep up with news.

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Have a good day guys!

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