Resident Evil 7: Biohazard ‘Midnight’ Update and Trailer Released – With Multiple Endings Revealed!

Capcom have finally released the final update for the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard demo, with more gameplay for us fans and a little extra trailer for us to get hyped about.

The trailer explores the turmoil awaiting the main character Ethan Winters who is in search of his missing wife. It goes into more detail about whats to come from in Resident Evil 7, so check it out below.

The ‘Midnight’ update hosts 3 new endings for us to find, including the ‘back door’ ending, the ‘infected’ ending and finally, the ‘true’ ending. Each ending has certain bits and bobs for you to do in order to unlock it, with some parts being really awkward – so I’m going to give you guys a spoiler-free (if i can!) walkthrough on how to get each ending. I know, I know – I’m super nice. I’m also going to be going through the walkthroughs as if you’ve played the demo previously – but if you have any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll help out where I can!

1. The Backdoor Ending 

Walk through the kitchen towards the back door to pick up the bolt cutters. Use the bolt cutters on the wardrobe at the end of the hallway and get the VHS tape. Pop it in the VHS player in the starting room and play through it.

You can choose to get the axe here if you want to, and to do that you’ll need a lockpick. The lockpick is situated between the microwave and wall next to it, so grab that and unlock the drawer on the opposite side of the kitchen. The axe isn’t there at the minute, but once the tape is done, you can head to the kitchen and pick it up from the drawer you’ve unlocked.

Once the tape has finished, head back into the secret room and grab the back door key. Walk back towards where you got the bolt cutters from and open the door to finish the demo.


2. The Infected Ending

Crouch down by the fireplace and pull the lever. Grab the fuse from the table and pop it in the box on the opposite side of the VHS room. Grab the bolt cutters as you did before and pick up the VHS tape in the wardrobe – but before you watch it, head upstairs and push the button to lower the staircase. Walk through the door on your right and grab the basement key from the table by the bed. Now, play through the VHS tape and grab the axe if you wish.

Once you’re back in the real world, leave the VHS room and turn right through the door covered the mould. Take the first right and go into the bathroom and you’ll see a toilet filled with blood and a pole missing something…

Head out the door and walk to the end of the corridor and use the basement key to unlock the gate. Head downstairs and do a bit of exploring to find the Valve Handle and you’ll find that a monster has spawned and is coming for you. Heading back to the door you came from is being blocked by Jack Baker. Run into the smallest room, dodging the monster as you go and grab the attic key from the shelf. You’ll be able to leave the basement now, you’ll be pleased from here. The monster will stop chasing you when you leave, so don’t flap too much.

Flush the toilet now and you’ll see that you *finally* have a gun in your possession. Walk upstairs to the attic and walk up the ladder and the demo is done. You’ve got the Infected ending!


3. The True Ending

Now we get to the best part. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. A use for the dummy finger. You’ll use the finger to solve five murders in the Baker household but first you need to find a couple of items before setting off on your quest.This part is pretty long winded, so be prepared.

Collect the dummy finger from the drawer in the main hallway.

Pick up the ‘Object made of celluloid’ from behind the TV in the attic and combine the finger with it. Pick up the basement key from the table by the bed.

In the newly-unlocked basement, grab the blank notebook from one of the drawers in the hallway. Now you’re on your way to solving the murders.

After collecting all of the items, head back up to the attic and examine the writing on the wall near to where you found the celluloid object. This part is really important because without examining the writing, you won’t be able to find any clues for the murders.

Head down to the fallen bookcase at the bottom of the stairs. bring up the dummy hand and point it at the bookcase. You may need to wait a few moments before you get a reaction, but you should feel your controller vibrating and loud bangs. Once its finished, open the blank notebook to find a story about murder #1.

Head up to the attic and instead of going into the room where we found the celluloid object, follow the corridor round and look at the light to trigger a giggling noise. Now, follow the walkthrough to get the basement key and go down there. This part can be tricky, so make sure you don’t panic like I did multiple times. You’ll need to get the monster to spawn downstairs, and escape the basement totally without being hit by it at all. After you’ve spawned it and escaped unscathed, head back down. Trust me, you won’t bump into him again. You’ll be free to explore so head over to the body bag lying on the stretcher. Point the finger at the body and voila, another story has been added to your notebook! Don’t forget to pick up the valve handle in the same room too!

Once you’re done exploring, make your way back to the bathroom and put the valve handle into the pole and take the Handgun and equip it. Go to the main staircase and shoot the picture of the lady with her head covered; you should hear a giggle again. Now walk to the cupboard under the stairs, grab the trusty doll hand and point it at the door. Some of the angles that you point at objects with can be quite awkward, so give it a bit of time. Anyway, once your controller has finished vibrating, check the notebook, read the rhyme, and stand in the doorway facing opposite the mirror. Quickly turn around using circle and you’ll hear that weird giggle again. After, head up to the attic.

Hanging above the bed where we got the basement key from earlier is a wooden beam with wires draped all over it. Point your dummy hand at the wires, wait for the vibration, check the notebook. What’s that? Oh yeah, a new rhyme.

This next bit was a little bit…annoying to do. Go and play the VHS tape that you got at the start of the game in the first room you wake up in. During the tape, do as you please, but keep an eye out for the ghost girl in the taping. I saw her on the stairs in my run, but she’s been said to appear in the garden opposite the porch, under the stairs and behind the ladder in the secret room to name a few. I’ve seen many walkthroughs saying that you don’t have to see the ghost girl in the taping, but I found that you do. Some people have said that the next step works without seeing her, but trust me – it didn’t work for me.

Anyway, once you’ve seen the ghost girl in your tape playback, go back down to the basement. In the room the monster spawns in, there’s a doll on the floor. Crouch down and wait until you hear a giggle. Thankfully, this is the last time she laughs at you. Go back to the kitchen.

Remember that really, disgusting metal container on the table? Open it. Point the doll hand at it – wait for the vibrations, and read the notebook. Breathe a sigh of relief, but you’ve found all five murders! But you’re not done yet…

Go to the attic. You may recall a door smothered in bloody handprints that was locked before. It’s unlocked now – so venture inside. Collect the Dirty Coin from the chair and that’s it! You can end the demo however you please now. The Dirty Coin unlocks something in the full game but nobody knows what that is yet… Anyway, you’ve just unlocked the True Ending!


I hope you enjoyed this post guys – I loved doing this one.

Happy Gaming,

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