Flashback Friday! | Rayman

Yes, you read it right! This flashback friday is about my favorite little guy who made me a very happy little gamer when I was a nipper. I played Rayman across all platforms I had and even recently played the first Rayman again, the nostalgia was real so I had to write about it this week.

The original Rayman

Rayman is owned by Ubisoft but created by Michel Ancel, Originally published across 5 platforms; Atari Jaguar, PS1, Sega Saturn, PS3 & MS-DOS. My first time playing Rayman was on PS1 and then shortly after I had it on PC. Overall there are 43 Rayman games/mini games since it’s release in ’95 including Rayman Origins and Raving Rabbids.


The original Rayman was one of the most fun games of my day, it’s bright, lighthearted game play was perfectly suited for my age group at the time, it wasn’t easy. Heck I still can’t do a smooth run through now, it’s got some challenging levels! Those pesky little flying bombs that looked like Marvin the martian were a nightmare. The one thing I remember scaring me was after the first couple of levels you had to dodge this mosquito, but once you completed it you became friends and he helped you across a lake to the next level. There were some amazing levels on this game all with a different theme to them, ranging from musical instruments to food. I miss the simplicity of this game a great amount.

Rayman: The Great Escape

The next in the Rayman series that I had played was Rayman: The Great Escape which was released in 1999, the gameplay was fairly similar to the first but we are no longer having a 2D view of the Rayman world, it’s 3D and we’re advancing!  We are introduced to some new characters and a much more lengthy detailed storyline and meet Globox, my all time favorite Rayman character that we see throughout the rest of the Rayman series.


Rayman: Hoodlum Havoc

In 2005 we are given Rayman: Hoodlum Havoc which quickly became my new favorite Rayman game at the time, the story was even more fun than the first two and we have much more involvement from Globox which made me very happy! I completed this game more than once and each time I got just as much enjoyment out of it. Again we saw another advancement in 3D animation with this Rayman being smoother and a little softer around the edges!


Rayman: Origins & Raving Rabbids

These would’ve been the last two I played, other than the occasion play of Rayman on Gameboy & Wii here and there. Rayman Origins was released on the 12 December 2013 and the story continues with Globox and two of the Teensies who are set out on a mission to fight the Darktoons and other dark creatures who have infected the Glade of dreams. This wasn’t the most thrilling of all the Rayman games I had played and I feel it took a different path, although Globox was still there with the Teensies, the graphics are what affected my great love for the Rayman series, my love continues to grow to this day for the First 3 Rayman games that stole a place in my heart.


Rayman Raving Rabbids was the interactive Wii game using the Nunchuks for most of the gameplay, this fun party game bought any household to life, I was never a fan of the Nintendo Wii but this game gave me purpose for it, it was addictive and frustrating at the same time, I don’t think I’ve played a game since Rayman Raving Rabbids but at a lifeless house party I would more than gladly search somebody’s house for their Wii covered in dust and show them what a party is all about! This game brings out the competative side in the most placid of people, I’ve seen people go from calm to savage in 0.3 seconds. True story.

Rayman… he will always have a place in my heart forever and that’s why this Friday I am dedicating my flashback Friday to this worthy little Sprite. Did you ever play Rayman? Which was your favorite over all? Let me know!

Jet 🙂

One thought on “Flashback Friday! | Rayman

  1. Seeing the original Rayman makes me nostalgic for the days when the kid I used to babysit when I was 15 would get me to play it for him because I was better! It didn’t amount to much as he had no memory card though!

    My only other Rayman experience was with Rayman Origins, which I got for the Wii a few years ago. It was very tough at times but I was charmed enough by it to persevere to 100% it. But man, those levels where you’re chasing the treasure, and the very last secret level: twitch gaming at its finest!


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