Death Stranding | What we know so far

A Hideo Kojima Production

For 2016 at E3 we saw a tonne of new titles due to be released in 2016 and 2017 but the one that stood out for a lot of people was the opening to Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding as we saw Norman Reedus at his knees on a deserted beach washed up with various sea creatures. At the 2016 Game awards on the 1st of December we also got to see a brand new trailer starring no other than Mads Mikkelsen who recently played Kaecillius in Dr Strange. For those two characters Hideo already gets a stranding ovation from me.
To watch both trailers see here for Reedus and here for Mikkelsen


So far we know this story is going to be a hair raising, goose bump causing narrative considering the trailer alone did this for me. It’s the first game from Kojima since the split from Konami in 2015. Film maker Guillermo del Toro is a huge part of this production and also worked on P.T and the cancelled Silent Hill video games. There are going to be two protagonist characters in this game, Norman and a fellow female we are yet to meet.

The game follows a theme from the short story by Kōbō Abe who was a Japanese writer in the 1920s. He explains how the first tool created by humans was a stick, mean to put a space between you and the bad things/enemies and the second tool was a rope, used to secure those things important to us. Kojima has used this narrative in the game and wants people to communicate through the games equivalent of ropes. If you want to know more about his theme of this game, I would recommend giving Kōbō Abe a research along with Kojima’s explanation of sticks and ropes.

The title of the game is referring to a cetacean stranding, where you see whales and other sea creatures washed up on shore due to a phenomenon where the cetacean’s strand themselves on a beach. Death stranding refers to otherworldly beings being stranded on earth.


Kojima has compared the quasi-action game to his previous title, Metal Gear Solid which has now been appropriately named as a stealth game rather than action as this genre had not been discovered at the time MGS was released. It’s been said that Death Stranding will be 4K compatible with HDR imaging. However in June 2016 Kojima was still on the lookout for what engine he was going to use to develop the game on, so currently there is no confirmed release date for the game but its rumored to be around 2019. So for now we are going to have to live off of these mind blowing trailers, at least the money for the game could be saved up in full by then and hopefully most people would have made the transition from PS4 to PS4 Pro, me included!

 Let us know your thoughts on Death Stranding, hope all have a good weekend!
Jet (ThatNerdyGirl)

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