PREY | What we know so far

Hi guys! It’s Jet. Today I’m going to write a ‘What we know’ post about the up coming game developed by Arkane studios. I myself am incredibly excited for this game, the trailer looks breathtaking and game me the same chills the Fallout 4 cinematic does so I have no doubt by the research I have done, that this game is going to be on par with Fallout and Dishonored, hey it might even be better!

A frequent question asked: Is Prey (2017) a sequel to Prey? (2006)
Answer: No, it is a game completely in it’s own right, not a sequel or a prequel, there is no similarities in these games and weren’t made by the same companies, none of the same Directors or Developers have worked on the 2017 Prey.

What we know so far

Arkane have described this game as having the same values as Dishonored, choice and consequence, low or high chaos and immersive. The cinematic scene in the trailer shows Morgan waking up to his alarm clock reminding him of an appointment he has with somebody called Alex, this happens a further 2 times before you see Morgan in combat with Terrestrials know as the Typhons and being told by in a video recorded by him that he’s not going to like what he is about to be told. Set in the years 2032 (Before the bombs dropped on Fallout 4!) In what Arkane describe as a ‘Neo-Deco’ space station inhabited by a national forced into space by no other than President Kennedy, who in an alternate reality was not assassinated and took over a U.S/Russian program.

alien iso_edited-1.jpg

You’re aboard the Talos I, a state of the art facility orbiting the moon and immediately faced with danger after the Typhon breaks from it’s containment. Your job is to use anything and everything around you to take them down and save humanity. Think of the Typhons as that ghastly Xenomorph in Alien Isolation, damn can I really go through that again? They exhibit multiples of abilities making each one a unique threat, your job is to become bigger and better than all of them, making them no match for you. Once you have killed these entities with the help of Neuromods you can take their powers from them and use multiple powers at a time to chain them together and be all the more powerful.


Morgan Yu

The really great thing about this game, that although the trailer focuses on Morgan Yu being a male, you can in fact play Morgan as a female character. Much like the Dishonored games they give you the freedom to chose. There is an alternate trailer you can watch as Morgan being a female here. The point made by Arkane that they can create this diversity because it doesn’t matter who you chose, its about how you prepare Morgan for the fight for survival you’re about to face. Your character will be defined by the choices you make, therefore allowing them to give you these options. It wouldn’t bother me if Morgan was only male, as this was my first assumption during the E3 conference, just like I was fine with Corvo being the only playable character in Dishonored 1 but was extra excited after finding out about Emily, I’ll be playing through on both either way, it’s always interesting to see how different your attitude is towards choices with a different gender character. For example my female Fallout Character has full charisma and can talk her way out of anything, whereas my male as to do a lot more bargaining. It just happened that way, which I found interesting.


All in all, Prey is a game highly anticipated by many since the release and is a game I have high hopes for. Only time will tell if it lives up to expectations but I have no doubts for the simple fact its Developed by Arkane and published by Bethesda. Let us know your thoughts and if this is a game you’re looking forward to.

Thanks for reading!
Jet (Thatnerdygirl)

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