No Mans Sky | Foundation Update 1.1

It’s been one of the most anticipated game updates ever released, there was a huge drop in fan base 36 hours after the initial release of No Man’s Sky, developed by Hello Games. Foundation 1.1 has a vast amount of fixes, added features and capabilities, not everyone is convinced. I am one of those. Since release, I played around 7 hours in total, and discovered many systems, came across other peoples systems and moved forward past Atlas, but I soon grew bored of the game, and set it aside until today. But is it too late for some fans?


Regardless of my thoughts on No Mans Sky, Hello games have done an incredible job and they have made an incredible game, it just isn’t for me. Chaos is my thing, so this just didn’t work for me. Sean Murray and his team, have done what many thought impossible. Although if you have researched or played beta versions of the game Star Citizen by Roberts Space Industries (Will only be available for PC) you won’t feel No Man’s Sky is too impressive. What makes No Man’s Sky different and incredible is the fact it’s on PS4, achieving and endless universe (even if it is all procedurally generated)  is not an easy task. They really did go above and beyond.

What I felt No Man’s Sky lacked, were capabilities, missions, objectives etc. The most exciting thing that would happen in the sense of chaos was the space battles that would happen, however they weren’t much of a challenge and ended as quick as they begun.
Although there are endless planets to explore, there are only so many times you can cope with coming across a ‘completely different planet’ that looked exactly like the last but with a different name. The same fauna, the same creatures but all with different names for the species. It quickly became repetitive and if you’re looking for all out warfare and carnage, it’s likely this game isn’t for you.

However! We now have update 1.1, also known as the Foundation update. As soon as you start the game up, there is something you will notice straight off the bat and that’s that there are now three game mode choices… Normal, Survival and Creative.


Normal is of course the original layout and game play you are used to pre-update. Survival is more challenging, less resources, increased hazards and stronger enemies. Creative is unlimited health and resources, zero costs for building however trophies are disabled on this mode. Survival adds in the chaos factor I personally felt it was lacking, this gives the game much more appeal to fans who perhaps walked away initially. Creative mode gives people the opportunity to run wild with their imaginations and build incredible space stations and bases without having the worry of  collecting resources and running out of currency. You can just have fun with those creative juices of yours!

Here is a list of things I’ve experienced in the update so far:

1. You can now feed the animals, and collect their poop (Coprite) which can be given to an alien on the space stations for farming/recipes to make other resources/Tech.
2. Base building, I did this on creative mode in order to see exactly what was included. You can make some pretty huge bases with a load of tech such as mining tools to help you gather resources more efficiently.
3. You can now leave messages on terminals in buildings for other users to read.
4. There is now a Photo Mode, making the HUD disappear to get some pretty awesome shots without anything in the way.
5. New discoveries, fauna/life forms/species
6. You can now buy freighters which are the huge ships you would previously have space battles near, however you can now purchases them for yourself and they include slots to store your resources.
7. They have redone the icons for resources so they have their periodic letters rather than the pictures before.

To see a full list of updates and fixes click here!


I can’t say that it’s changed my mind and I am now back to being a fully fledged No Man’s Sky player, but I am impressed by the update, they have delivered on the voices of their fans, they listened and that’s what makes them a great team. The work put into what they are doing is impeccable. The game just isn’t for everyone and people expected something that was never promised in the first place. However they have heard us, they are trying and I’m sure they’ll keep succeeding. I won’t be playing it a great deal, but I feel a lot more people out there will now start to enjoy it a little more.

Let me know your thoughts on the update if you have played it.
Thank you for reading!

Jet 🙂

5 thoughts on “No Mans Sky | Foundation Update 1.1

  1. Interesting find everyone. On pc base building the parameters on base building size can be adjusted allowing for bases to be built across much larger area on the planets as well as under water. Also seems there a buggy models in the update so get ready to get some wheels rolling while exploring.


  2. Like you I enjoyed No Mans Sky to begin with, but grew tired of it after playing it for a while. It got so repetitive. I love the concept of the game though and the vast galaxy to explore, but the narrative wasn’t strong enough to sustain my interest. I read about this update yesterday, so I might try the game again and see if it improves it. These changes sound like a step in the right direction though.


  3. Definitely a huge lack in narrative through out this game, Nada and Polo seemed to be significant characters but nothing really came of them for as long as I played it which was way past the first Atlas and onto several galaxies past that but I really grew tired quickly. I am seeing interesting developments with the updates from others however so maybe this is a change for the better.


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  5. As someone who grew up playing Elite on the Spectrum, NMS is an amazing experience for all its flaws. I still dip into it, spending a few hours walking around its Golden Age Sci Fi planets. With these continuing updates it could yet be an incredible game someday.


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