XBOX Official headset review

Hi nerds/geeks/gamers etc!
It’s ThatNerdyGirl (Jet) here, this evening I’m going to talk about my new headset I got as an early christmas present. I’d been wanting/needing a new headset for my Xbox as I’m a little greedy and wanted to use my Astro A40’s purely for my PS4. I’ve had them a few hours now (yes, it’s very soon to review, but I’ve used them in all the ways needed to give pros/cons) so I am just going to give you all a quick run down on these beautiful looking things.

First glance

Let’s start with the basics, the box! Everybody loves a good-looking box/packaging attractive enough to keep and maybe even use to store your headset (If you’re like me and have a child, it’s always a good to keep things safe!) It’s an attractive, plain white box, good enough for me to plonk next to my TV unit along with my other collectibles. I am a strange one, I’ll collect anything nerdy especially consoles and console accessories that are black and white, much like a storm trooper!


Trying them out for size
Now, I went in trying these blind. Whereas with the Astro’s I did my research, this time I just chose the ones I wanted and went for them. In my experience of headsets, I was worried these were going to be like the PS4 Sony headset which are not as durable as they should be for the price they originally cost not to mention how mucky the white pair can get with general use but not being wipe clean friendly, but anyway these ones have a black inner sponge/padding which is always pleasing to somebody who perhaps may have a toddler with messy hands running off with them. The outer shell is a hard glossy plastic which is more than easy to wipe clean.

The next issue I often have with headsets is the ears, like mentioned in my Astro review back in September, my ears often get this strange ache/pain when I wear any headbands or headsets but much like the Astro’s these have a beautifully comfortable hollow area with padding that fits snug around my ear rather than on it which I was so pleased and surprised about with this being my biggest problem when buying headsets.

IMG_7177.JPG (The Astro A40’s and Xbox Official headset)

You will notice I am flitting back and forth with the Astro comparisons but as they’re highly rated in most headset/gadget reviews I feel they are a very good comparison to work with in terms of whats better and what’s worse, it is a reliable source to stick with. The next thing I look out for, which is just a super fussy trait of mine, the width between your head and the band of the headset, because I don’t want to be looking like a one of the Cybermen from Dr Who if I’m honest, so I do look out for that. These were once again suitable for my fussy self, it is about the same gap as the A40’s (maybe a tiny bit bigger) but nothing drastic, I have a small head anyway but my hair fills in the space for me!

Sound, Quality and durability
Obviously these are the three main factors when you’re looking at a headset, so here is what I thought when I first used them. Once again I’m jumping back to my Astro experience, I gave this set the same first sound check which was Fallout 4. This game has music, chilling and eerie backing sounds, Dialog and the sounds of different weather types so what better game to test them on. The first thing I listened to was the start-up music which sounds awesome up loud, the Xbox headset gave it the right amount of bass and depth, it was exactly as I had hoped! We can all vouch that there are some TERRIBLE sounding headphones out there with this awful muffled or flat sound to them, but along with the Astro’s, these delivered a quality you can’t argue with. Listening to the Rad Storms was awesome, the surround was perfect, I can’t fault them for that. Party chat is another aspect I can’t complain about, it was nice and crisp, no issues with that at all!

The quality and durability of the headset is much like any other, if you throw them they’re going to break, very easily. If you spill drink all over them they’re not going to work, if you let your toddler throw them down the stairs, there is a high chance they’re going to shatter into pieces along with your soul, so I don’t advise this. However this is where it gets interesting, I’ve been bleating on about the Astros in a positive way but this is where it changes. Although I have not tried to purposely break  both pairs to see who wins, It is plain to see which are more durable… ready? The Xbox One set!

Without shadow of a doubt, they’re going to survive a fall with less damage than Astros which I have in fact dropped and broken cosmetically, they snapped in a critical area, nothing super glue couldn’t fix but this wouldn’t happen to the Xbox pair simply due to the fact they are a simple, sturdy design with no fancy cosmetic elements. The part of both of them that is more durable than the other is the mic piece, the Astro mic is bendy and can be moved in any position and if dropped on, it won’t snap and is also removable. The Xbox set have a fixed mic that isn’t flexible and will likely snap on impact, so bear this in mind when you have game rage!

So overall, with my first try of these, they’re so far up there with my Astros in the sense they’re a completely different style headset but deliver almost identical results. Your basic pair of Astro A40’s without a MixAmp are currently £94.99 online and in some stores and the XBox one official headsets can be found in GAME stores or online for around £44.99 which is a fantastic price considering I am personally rating them on par with Astros.

Thank you for reading, gadget reviews are always fun to do! If you want to drop us a comment and let us know what headsets you find work best for you, please do! Stay nerdy and awesome guys!

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