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Hey guys, it’s me (as you guessed). I thought I’d give this a shot too, seeing as Jet made a very, very positive blog post yesterday. I’m no good at doing things like that, but I can try. I second everything that Jet said, and I also want to express how much we adore everyone who reads our content and sticks with us consistently. I’ve been writing for almost 4 years now and I can honestly say that it’s the people like you who empower and keep people like us going – so thank you. One day, we’ll pay you back with like, brownies or fun times. I like fun times. And brownies.

Little introductions are kinda necessary…
I don’t know if this has happened on our social media pages much, but this blog gives me and Jet a chance for you guys to really get to know who we are. So here goes nothing!
My name is Dominique, call me Dom or Nintendom. My old college lecturer gave me my nintendom nickname because I was obsessed with Nintendo and Zelda all through college. It just kinda stuck after a while. I’m 22 (23 on January 29th) and I’m studying for an NCTJ Journalism diploma at college. I used to attend Portsmouth Uni for a BSc in Computer Games Technology where I specialised in the art side (originally I was going to become a programmer but that shit is hard as balls. Props to all you progammers out there!). I’ve been writing for 4 years and attended conventions for websites and I used to do a lot of Youtube work. I’m an insomniac and usually write at night when I can’t sleep, and I have the best dog in the world. This is starting to sound like a CV, so lets move on, shall we?

2016 is almost over!
2016 has been such a rubbish year. I went from having my own place to living back with my mum, we’ve lost so many awesome people (especially Bowie – he was my favourite artist), and we’ve had a lack of good games in my eyes. I don’t think I’ve been excited for one game at all this year and that really sucks. Maybe it’s because I’m way too critical with games which I solely blame on university, or maybe it’s just because they’re all a bit…bland? I don’t know. The only game I’ve been excited about is
Forza Horizon 3. So I want you guys to tell me your GOTY! This year I feel has been way too focused on VR, so let me know what you’ve been playing this year.

Well, farewell until next week!
I have run out of things to talk about which is really upsetting -but I think it’s because it’s currently 8:03 and I have had 0% sleep. I am living off of energy drinks and happy thoughts today – send your prayers to me pls. I have to study hard today too because I have an exam on the 15th (look at pictures of teeline shorthand and you’ll see the writing style I’m being tested on. It makes me wanna cry a little).

I wanna say thank you again to everyone who is supporting me and Jet with our adventures. We’ve been best friends for 11 years and I never would have thought that we’d be in this position together today. We’re going to do big things together and make something of ourselves. We grew up together, our future is looking bright and it makes me so giddy thinking about it all. So thank you, TGG Army. You’re all incredible human beings and we love you very very much – you mean the world to us both.

Nintendom64 out!

9 thoughts on “Blog | Nintendom64

  1. This year has been bland. I feel the same way about overfocus on VR (since I’m not quite sold yet) and the games that looked good still fell a little flat. But then, I have played none of the AAA titles yet. My GOTY goes to Oxenfree or Inside most probably. Can’t quite decide. On that note, 2017 looks incredibly promising! 🙂
    Best of luck on your exams!


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