Fallout 4 | PS4 Mods

I thought I would never say this but hooray! Fallout 4 mods on PS4 have now been available for a few days, and although there aren’t as many as there are on Xbox and PC, It’s still a big step for PS4 users and an exciting development.

I will keep it short and snappy as there isn’t much ground to cover but I have noticed not everyone is yet aware the mods are live. I’ve took my spare time as an opportunity to dive in and give them a go. To test them I over loaded my game with mods to see what it could handle, what it couldn’t handle and what mods are the best for getting the most out of the game, so here we go.

First off I downloaded the OP weapons mod, All Perks mod and a couple of Commonwealth environmental changes such as green grass and growing trees, all blue skies. These to start with were causing lag which felt like I was playing an online fps game with a bad host, so I disabled the environment changing mods and they appeared to be the issue as I was able to play smoothly against once disabling them, so if that’s not something you are too fussed by (It was nice to have an aesthetically pleasing wasteland for once) then just leave them out. I was sure it was the weapons mod that was lagging as the power in my weapons is insane! I can blow things up on contact with a regular combat shotgun.
(Click here for a Game Play video)

The next one I was interested in downloading was the Pre-War Sanctuary mod, it restores most of Sanctuary back to what it was before the blast. There are a few issues with this mod and whatever you build in the spaces before downloading it, may end up having pre-war houses build right on top of them and some areas will show through the shiny new houses. The only usable house is your own which looks exactly as it did those moments before the Vault-Tec rep came knocking, his vans even parked outside! Alongside this I downloaded the Sanctuary Cache mod which converts the basement behind one of the houses into your own little living quarters complete with three sets of power armor. T-60 and two X-01 suits. If you would like to see a walk through/game play of these two mods, head over to our YouTube channel!

I am currently in the middle of testing more mods and having a play around, bare in mind that all achievements or trophies are disabled during use of modded game play. Be sure to keep an eye out on our Instagram or YouTube for new video content of the modded game play. Thank you!


6 thoughts on “Fallout 4 | PS4 Mods

  1. Although I am super excited that they have broken ground and have released mods for the PS4, the fallbacks were almost to hard to bare! I have been a fan of fallout since the beginnings and Bethesda does many things right when it comes to making a game that will last for a while, but sony really did a number when it came to the use of external assets. I know it wasn’t a decision for Bethesda to make, but no modern firearms, or amazing mods that we expect after seeing the countless “top 5 mods” videos all over youtube. No matter I love touch of green, and the settlement expansion mods so I am a happy camper.


    • I will say it was underwhelming after what I’ve seen of Xbox and PC, but a PS4 was probably never meant to be able to handle a shed tonne of modding, I doubt it was really something that was thought about so when they were expected to bring out modding earlier this year I knew it wouldn’t be a smooth process or deliver what was expected however the OP weapons mod is a fun one to use for sure and I love seeing a clean wasteland after all this time. But a lot of the mods are based on CPS and outfits/armor/interior mods, much like I remember with The Sims modding. So I am hoping they up the game and give us some more, I am planning to get it on Xbox One too just to see what PS4 users are really missing.

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      • I have played fallout on almost every platform, and have always been excited for the day that mods come out for consoles. External assets seem to be a necessity for the real modding experience, but no one can be mad because they are finally here. I plan to go the same route with getting some version of the xbox one and seeing what exactly is going on in that domain.


      • Quite a bit unfortunately. There are tons of different kinds of mods on the Xbox One right now. I haven’t played Fallout 4 in a while, but I did write about it.

        The only reason the PS4 version is less is because Sony didn’t want to allow modders to have access to certain types of files. Until Sony allows them to have more freedom to play around with game files and use custom content… Well… Yeah.


  2. Yeah, the release of mods have gone quite unnoticeable and if it wasn’t for an accident I’d probably not be aware of them at all.
    I gave a few a go but currently too buried in Skyrim. Gaming problems, haha.


  3. the pre-war mod from your video was absolutely amazing, i would install mods on both fallout and skyrim but i hate the downside to it, being trophies get disabled 😦 if this wasn’t the case, i’d be all over the mods. also looking forward to what the next mods video will be.


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