Complete List of Silent Hill Games – Rated from Best to Worst

I know what you’re all going to say, don’t worry. I know I have a problem – an obsession… with the Silent Hill franchise. I know. I’m sorry, I just can’t help it. Just know that this will be one of the last Silent Hill related things I post for a while, I promise. With that out of the way, I’m going to discuss all Silent Hill games that have been released, and rate them all from best to worst. This is completely my own opinion, and I’d love to hear your list of favourites in the comments, so make sure you let me know! I’ve left out Shattered Memories purely because I haven’t played it yet, too. There will also be major spoilers throughout – so don’t get mad if it gets ruined for you. You’ve been warned!

1. Silent Hill 2

Usually, you’d start a list with the first game of the series, right? This time, it’s different. Silent Hill 2 is different. It’s one of the best games in the whole series – with its compelling and downright creepy storyline, it’ll keep you on your toes.

Not many games scare me but the first playthrough of SH2 made me jump too many times to count and your heart starts to pound the moment you start up the game. Atmosphere is key in survival horrors, and Silent Hill 2 really makes you feel isolated and alone. I could go on and on about it, because it’s my favourite game of all time – but I wont bore you with my rambling. Just try it out, you’ll see what I mean when you get into it.

2. Silent Hill 1

So, the original surprisingly isn’t the best of the bunch – but I can’t help feeling that it’s because I find it hard to play purely because graphically, it sucks (but that’s what you get when you replay a PS1 title…). But, it’s one you should add to your ‘Must play before I die’ list, regardless if you’re a survival horror fan or not.

It introduces you to the Gillespie family and my ultimate bae, Alessa – not to mention the fact that Harry always runs like he’s desperately trying to find a bathroom. Honestly, its like he’s got a mars bar in his pants. But in all, playing Silent Hill 1 will introduce you to the series pretty well, and you find out why Silent Hill is so messed up, and why Alessa is so angry all the time. Just look past all of the bad graphics and animations, and I guarantee you’ll fall in love.

3. Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill 3 causes mixed feelings within the community, but I adore it. You play as Heather/Cheryl Mason (Yes, Harry Mason’s daughter), and it ties in with Silent Hill 1’s story. If you really like weird boss fights, and slightly sexual innuendoes, you’ll love Silent Hill 3.

Silent Hill 3 is home to one of the best boss fights too – Alessa. She’s one of the rare bosses that have like, 4 stages to her strategy. She’s quite hard to beat, but hell, it’s one crazy fight. Also, little tip – do not waste your ammo and heath kits! Take it from me, I managed to beat Alessa and the final boss with hardly anything and it’s hard as balls. Silent Hill 3 is quite a heavy combat game, so if you’re into that – try it out. It’s super fun, and the riddles are so twisted and hard. You’ll love it.

4. Silent Hill: Origins

Origins is set before the first Silent Hill and it shows how Cheryl/Heather Mason became estranged from Alessa in the first place. It’s also the first game that starts to incorporate new mechanics – like going through to the otherworld through mirrors, which is slightly irritating because they’re placed so erratically around the levels. You’re also able to fist fight enemies (I actually finished SH:Origins by killing most of the monsters with just my fists apparently).

Speaking of enemies, they’re all super annoying and the worst ones you’ll encounter in any Silent Hill game to date, so good luck not raging out at them. If you’re wanting to go through the franchise by story, then start with Origins. It’s the best place to start in that sense.

5. Silent Hill 4: The Room

As with Silent Hill 3, I’ve heard mixed reviews from other fans in the community about Silent Hill 4. Personally, it’s a bit hit and miss for me and it’s one I know I wont go back and replay for many reasons, but it’s the first Silent Hill to incorporate first person elements and hidden enemies who will literally drain your health. SH4: The Room is genuinely spooky, it plays on your fear and uses it against you. Henry is also a really cool guy, even if he is a little creepy at times.

6: Silent Hill: Downpour

Okay, we’re getting to the bad games now. Downpour is really awesome in some ways, but I find it has more bad points than good. You’re playing as an escaped convict called Murphy Pendleton, and actual disgusting looking monsters are trying desperately to stop you in your tracks. I loved how you could interact with the background and use useless things like a frying pan for a weapon, but it just wasn’t Silent Hill.

Silent Hill is a game that focuses on your fears, and you can’t relate to Murphy as a character, and that does make a difference because you don’t really care what happens to him. Downpour does have it’s good points though! It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Downpour has horrifying new monsters added in, along with harder puzzles and mechanics that make playing a lot easier. But honestly, Downpour isn’t a staple game you need to play, unless you want to play every game in the series. Maybe you’ll react differently to it and love it – but I’m kind of torn between loving and hating it.

7: Silent Hill: Homecoming

Man, I really dislike Homecoming. I genuinely despise it and I’m trying to erase it from my brain because it was that bad. Nothing about it is welcoming. The mechanics are clunky, Alex Shepherd is an emotionless asshole, he’s annoying to control, and the whole thing took me around 4-5 hours to complete. I’m not up for a story that takes me a day to finish totally. I struggle to find anything good about Homecoming, but if you want to know my full opinion, I wrote a review on it so make sure you check it out. In all honesty, there’s no reason to play Homecoming unless you want to play though all Silent Hill games.

So there you have it guys, a complete list of the best to worst Silent Hill games. Try them out and let me know what you think! I love having conversations about Silent Hill and horror in general, so get playing!


12 thoughts on “Complete List of Silent Hill Games – Rated from Best to Worst

  1. Great list. I love the Silent Hill games as well. First off, I’ve not played Homecoming, Downpour, or Shattered Memories. I’ve played the rest, and I agree, I think Silent Hill 2 is by far the best of them all. Its a wonderfully creepy and atmospheric The original game is also creepy, but graphics let it down, which is a shame, as it also has some really creepy moments. Origins was ok, as was Silent Hill 3, which relied more on shooting and fighting than the other games – but its got a really strong story too. Silent Hill 4 is a big favourite of mine, I think because its so different, and very creepy. The whole thing with being stuck in the flat, crawling out that hole into Silent Hill, and the flat being a bit different and more creepy when you return, makes SH 4 a great game to play. Nice to see such an informative post on Silent Hill. I with they would bring it back for a new game, the graphics they could do now would make for an amazing Silent Hill game.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Me too! Hopefully the will do a new Silent Hill game one day, its still on of the best survival horror game series’ ever made. I love the chilling psychological aspects of the games, much better than say Resident Evil, just killing zombies. A Silent Hill game would look amazing now on the n generation of consoles.


  2. Not surprised to see SH2 at the top. That was just an incredible experience and at this point, I rather get a remake of that than another new SH game that will probably be bad. Great list!


  3. for me it’d have to be SH2, SH4, SH3. never really played the first and kind of lost interest after homecoming, so i haven’t played any since that one.


  4. You don’t have to apologise for being obsessed with Silent Hill… please don’t let this be your last post about it. I really love the games too, that’s why I am now writing novels based on my own stories in Silent Hill. The first one was published in November. I hope you give us some more SH goodies. And I am hoping one day someone who is as obsessed with the games like you will get to read my novels and give some comparison of the stories against the games.


  5. Silent Hill 2 is my favourite, too. I really can’t fault it. So scary. So atmospheric. So emotional, in all the right ways.

    For anyone who hasn’t played Silent Hill 1, I can’t recommend it enough. Maybe some will find it hard to look at, due to the old graphics, but there are some really interesting ideas in it and some startling scares that feel fresh even today. Plus, the opening scene. Those camera angles. The pure terror you feel the first time. It is not to be missed!

    Great list! I’ve not tried out 4 but I’ve heard great things and watched a few videos of gameplay. I wanna try it so bad!


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