Review: Everybody’s gone to the rapture, 1st play through. 

Hey guys! It’s thatnerdygirl here. It’s been a while, as I last explained I had been in hospital for a while and as we are trying to make this a strictly game related blog I didn’t want to focus too much on that so I thought it best to just wait for the next thing I wanted to write about, rather than try to play catch up and write about something I perhaps would rush and not put effort into. However I as I enjoyed Life Is Strange a great deal I saw this game was free for PS plus users this month and it looked visually stunning and intriguing so I thought I’d give it a play! I’ll also quickly add, expect a full length review on Dishonored 2 (Also a collectors edition un boxing hopefully) around a week after release. I’m so excited you won’t believe!


Onto the game. It’s a 6.35gb download and at first glance you can tell it’s going to be interesting, everyone loves a good rapture story/apocalypse story and this one has been described by others as ‘A very British apocalypse’ so considering a lot of end of world stories are based in America I thought this would be a unique twist on the type of story it entails. Developed by ‘The Chinese’ room, released August 11th 2015 for PS4, the beauty of this game won the creators twelve awards.

Set in 1980 in a town called Yaughton, Shropshire England, Your objective is to find out why and how the town is now deserted and where every one has disappeared to.

Now, for PS4 users I’m actually going to start by talking about trophies, I don’t usually focus on them as it’s not that important to some, but these play a big part in the game as they’re perhaps most of the interaction that happens in the game. The trophies are something you may possibly want to use a walk through for as they’re unsuspecting and tend to be difficult to find as during the game you’re mainly focused on what are called the ‘markers’ an orb of light you follow throughout the game in order to find your way around. there are in total nineteen trophies you need to collect, unless you do a walk through it’s most likely you’ll end up doing another play through as I have started.

Now, You’ll be promoted on occasions to tilt your controller which activates a dialog between two or more entities, they’ll also be what you need to focus on as they create a pathway for the game. You get to know characters of the story as you go along, it’ll flash up a name as you enter their pathway for a story. Kate and Stephen are who you need to keep a close ear out for as they hold the key to much of the main story line.


At first glance, the game is visually stunning, it’s what you would like to see walking through your local village. Peaceful, calm and beautiful, greenery as far as the eye can see and clearly a community full of life, well at least it was. I’m partial to a good story line in a game but at the same time I want action, chaos and thrill. This game did not bring me that unfortunately. I did my first play through not collecting trophies to start, so I purely focused on the story at hand. Although the story is good and has a lot of structure to it I just wasn’t overly keen on the lack of things going on around me or the fact you can’t in fact sprint/fast walk (That I could find) so this game does take quite some time to do, however it auto saves as you go along so you won’t need to worry if you just want to hit that home button and jump on a FPS to let some steam off.


There are many story lines to open up, and you can miss/skip some but it’s not advisable as it could make other dialog not make sense or add up, so be thorough and take your time, else you won’t get the most out of the game. It’s unclear who your character is in the game, at first it seems obvious to say you’re in fact Kate but this turns out not to be true, I’ll let you see that for yourself. If you go on the visuals, game play and story for this game it is most certainly a winner, there is a lot to take in and once you get around to gathering the collectibles (trophies) then it is a heavy game full of beauty. Considering it’s a game about the rapture you expect the sky to be falling, computers to be out of use, aliens to be roaming the earth, fire to be blazing at all directions but no, it wasn’t like this at all, although locals were baffled, scared and confusing with the situations surrounding them it seems calm, maybe that’s because all the events are happening through glowing orbs of light rather than seeing it as you would in Fallout 4 at the beginning where it’s a mad panic and explosion (Forever referencing Fallout, It’s a habit I’m sorry!)

I give this game a 6/10 but that is no reflection on the creators/devs this is my own issues with lack of action and interaction in the game, others will find this game a 10/10 purely on visuals and graphics, sound/speech quality and story. If I had to do some running away from Demogorgons’ and trying to avoid being taking into the Upside Down then maybe I’d give this a higher rating. For a good structured story with a heavy character base to follow, for peaceful yet uneasy walk through a deserted village in bids to find what happened, playing detective in your own mind about what’s going on then this game is for you, it is for me, I enjoyed it and am going to do a second play through and take much more interest in my surroundings whilst having a trophy hunt. But I guess I’m just too used to wielding a  scout rifle or hand gun that I can’t shake the feeling of wanting some more action, this will perhaps be the game to mellow me out and show the gaming world a good game doesn’t need blood shed and gun wielding for there to be death and despair.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments or via instagram and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Click here for a PS4 Walk through trohpy guide.

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Review: Everybody’s gone to the rapture, 1st play through. 

  1. This was a 10/10 game for me, I absolutely adored it, more because of the great voice acting and haunting music than those beautiful graphics. Infact I think its one of the best videogame scores ever, bought the cd and play it quite often.

    Like No Mans Sky, and also the recent Steep, this game shows that videogames can be widely varied kinds of experiences and not all gore/noise/action.


    • Totally agree about the voice acting, music and graphics. Without shadow of a doubt the graphics were beautiful but it is just a huge step away from games I play, not that I am all about gore and death but it wasn’t fast paced enough for me or interactive enough. But for others I see where the enjoyment is.


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