Nintendo NX Officially Confirmed – Meet Nintendo Switch

So, since Nintendo haven’t been doing conferences at E3, but nothing was said during that period about the NX, us fans have been waiting patiently for an announcement regarding the NX.

Yesterday rolled around, and low and behold – the Nintendo Switch has been born! The console switches from handheld to home console seamlessly. That means the power of a home console is in your hands on the go. Watch the trailer and see what it’s all about.

But the one thing I’m most excited about? THIRD. PARTY. DEVS.

Literally, so many too. It’s no secret that Nintendo have, near enough, developed a lot of the titles for past consoles themselves – bar a few. This time round though, you get a lot more bang for your buck. To top it all off, I spot Konami in there which sets my little Silent Hill filled heart on fire. I may be clutching at straws here but I really, really, want a new SH title, and I would like to see one on the switch. The image below shows all the third party developers that will release titles for the Nintendo Switch.

Spot your favourite company in there? Let me know in the comments what you’d love to see released on Nintendo’s new addition to the home console family.

I’m really hoping that this console will do well, as the Wii U flopped a little more than I would have liked. Fingers crossed for Nintendo!


5 thoughts on “Nintendo NX Officially Confirmed – Meet Nintendo Switch

  1. I’m excited for third-party support as well! I hope that it doesn’t fizzle out like it did on the Wii U. I’d love to see lots of companies’ games be playable on-the-go! I’m excited for the Nintendo Switch, and it’s great to hear you are too!


  2. This seems like a good idea but then, something makes me hesitate. However, some great companies teamed up for their upcoming games. Level 5 has always been a great partner and I spot 505 Games and Telltale Games, plus the same as you, Konami. 😉


  3. I won’t get it day 1 unlike the Wii U at the moment, but this console definitely looks very promising. I liked the trailer and I’m glad that Nintendo seems to be on the rebound. A new Mario game will make for an awesome start and if we do get a special release version of Super Smash…that will be awesome!


  4. A great concept by Nintendo very versatile to use anywhere the Wii was a very bad let down. How on earth they produced certain games which didn’t go with the console have no idea, I miss the days where I played Zelda for days so I am looking forward for this! id probably buy it after checking out reviews (perhaps a month after)


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