My Pre-Dishonored 2 thoughts

Dishonored, Take back what’s yours.

Now, if you have been in the loop this year with E3 and new game releases you’ll know Dishonored 2 is just around the corner after 6 long years. I am particularly excited for this after only recently in the last few months playing Dishonored (released in 2012) myself, having finished the main story I am more than ready for 2 and will be taking full advantage of my little boys nap/sleep time when it comes out, I doubt you’ll see me surface until it’s completed.

Set fifteen years after the original, the empire once ruled by Jessamine Kaldwin in Dunwall is now in turmoil. You’re able to now play both Emily Kaldwin (The 10 year old girl from the original) and of course her father Corvo Attano now returning as a protagonist in the sequel. In this we see Emily as a grown up now with the aim to take back what’s hers, the throne, set in the city of Karnaca. Instead of rats being the problem in Dunwall, it’s blood flies this time. Now, it may seem a little confusing to those who chose the ending where Emily in fact dies but what some fail to notice is the game has a minimal chaos play through so you can cause little to no damage to anything or anyone, the game can be played without killing a soul so that includes the ending with Emily, therefore they have a loop hole here to carry on the sequel with Emily as she doesn’t need to die in the first place.

I think my choice of who I will play as (You have to stick with who you chose, only a second play through will allow you to see from another set of eyes) will be Emily, as we’ve already had the chance to play Corvo and use his supernatural powers he was marked with by the outsider. Emily in Dishonored 2 has her own supernatural powers one being a similar but much more awesome looking twist on Corvo’s ‘Blink’.  In the sequel you will also have the option to play through with minimal chaos once again causing little to no damage.

Since 2012 a lot has changed in the gaming industry and games are getting bigger and better every day, so I have absolutely no doubt that this game is not going to disappoint, I said the same about No Man’s Sky but come on, this is Bethesda and Arkane we are talking about here. The game play we saw from this years E3 shows tonnes of action, fantastic graphics and a gripping story line once again. The game is said to be longer than the original but still one of the shorter RPG games on the market, this still pleases me. Dishonored, although one of the shortest story lines I’ve played it was just enough to satisfy and I firmly believe they will have done the same with the sequel, short but sweet.

Be ready for the 11.11.16! Get your Cheetos, Energy Drinks, Ready meals or numbers for your local takeaway at the ready and be prepared for days of matchsticks in yours eyes because we are in for a treat. Due to it not being out and not having a great deal of information to hand about the new game, I’ve written what I know so far and you’ll get a full jam packed review from me a few days after it’s release!

Stay Nerdy guys, Jet.

2 thoughts on “My Pre-Dishonored 2 thoughts

  1. Looking forward to this. Took me way too many saves to get the achievement where you finish the game without killing a single person. Boy, did that test my limits as there were some I really thought deserved it. Game was good about giving them what they had coming, though!


  2. The E3 coverage for Dishonored 2 was a little bit too long for my taste, making the game too complicated. But then, I attribute a part of it to my putting off playing it. I do have a copy now and plan to start playing it before the end of the year. I love the style of Dishonored so I’m hoping to be all caught up with this by the time it comes out 🙂


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