Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour Gets An Update (Finally…)

Hey guys, Nintendom here. Let’s have a little discussion about Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour, shall we?

RE7 was announced at E3 this year, with Beginning Hour free to download for PS Plus members. The demo was downloaded over 2 million times within one week of release and fans worldwide drove themselves crazy with excitement (myself included).

So I’m sure you guys know by now the events of the demo before the update happened – but if you don’t, here’s a rundown.

You wake up in a derelict, dark and grungy house with your hands tied up and a camera pointing at you. There’s a guy in the room with you who is also tied up, and he runs to help you. (You later find out who this guy is, but just a heads up, he’s an asshole). So this guy tries to cut you free, and then BOOM, the scene changes and you start to play out the scenes before you were tied to a chair. So, you wander around this creepy house, until you find a video tape, a dummy finger which has literally zero use to you, aswell as other items that could or could not be helpful. During the tape, you realise how you became to be tied up and that The Baker family lived in the house a few years ago. As you try to leave the house, you get what I call, ‘Welcome to the Familied’. You get punched in the face, while Jack Baker mutters, quite weirdly – ‘Welcome to the family, son’. This is just the bare minimum of things you can do within the demo though, I’ve just roughly outlined the story as we know it, for the sake of this article.

The new update has added new details and opened new areas you couldn’t explore before, so keep reading to be up to date with everything that’s been found in the Twilight Version.

The Mouldy Door

Even though quite a lot of little bits and bobs have been changed in The Baker household, if you turn right after leaving the first room, you’ll find a door covered in mould or another substance. It could indicate sinister happenings, or just bad hygiene. You can’t get into the door yet, but hovering around the area and trying to open it will make the door shake violently, and some noises can be heard from the other side. Spooky.

Attic Bedroom and Dummy Finger/Hand

This part of the attic was blocked up completely, but you’re now able to explore it! You’ll find the Basement Key and a weird mannequin hand which attaches to the dummy finger. I wish I could say that the hand and finger is useful in this version of the demo, but I can’t. The day that we see what the dummy finger and now dummy hand does is going to be a happy day. It does give you handgun ammo too, but no handgun. So put your ‘no combat’ worries to bed, because if this isn’t a big hint that there will – for sure – be combat, then I don’t know what will.

New Ending!

A new ending is given to you after you complete the update. When you answer the phone this time, there is a new message played to you by the mysterious woman on the other end. She simply says, “Just remember – all doors can be opened. If they couldn’t, they wouldn’t be doors. But some doors have to remain closed for now.” It’s around here that you can expect Jack Baker to knock you clean out. A cutscene will play where you’re part of a family dinner with The Bakers – it proceeds in some pretty disturbing events after this. I’ll let you experience this for yourself.

That’s all of the new content within the update, and to be honest – I’m not that impressed with it. It doesn’t seem worthy of an update, purely because so little happens outside of the new ending. Apart from the small bedroom at the back of the attic, there’s nowhere new to really explore, and you get more items that are totally useless to you again. I really think that a new update will be gracing our consoles again in a few months, so hopefully we will get the answers we want then.

I don’t want to put the demo down too much though, because it is really quite well structured. The atmosphere is spot on and will have you hiding your face behind a pillow. It’s very much like PT (which I’d expect, because some devs who worked on PT are working on RE7), and I love PT to death. Anything that makes me jump is a winner in my books.

So, have you guys played the new update? How did you find it?


One thought on “Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour Gets An Update (Finally…)

  1. i don’t know what to make of it, part of me liked it, but another part felt like something was missing (even for the demo) i feel like half way through the full game it’ll just turn into a shooter, i like the outlast style play, but i’m not 100% sure about this game atm.


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