Life Is Strange | Episode 1

Welcome to Arcadia Bay!

The story line for this game so far appears to be a heavy one. There isn’t going to be a dry eye in the house by the end of it. The game starts with the main character Max, visioning the destruction of Arcadia by a tornado, she soon comes around and is sat in her photography lecture wondering what the heck just went on. This is where we are introduced to a couple of other characters; Mark Jefferson her lecturer and Victoria, the common bully with clear self esteem issues. This is where the story begins, where you find out your capabilities.

Every single choice you make in this game impacts the outcome of events following, a domino effect almost. If you are due some karma, that’s what you’ll get or if you’re due praise/recognition for your good deeds, you will get it. Very similar to the Telltale series of games, Square Enix give you the option to be in full control of your fate in this game, which comes with 5 different episodes to go through, each with a gripping story making you want to start the next one with no breather in between – well at least that’s how I’m feeling currently so I’m writing about it to occupy my mind, I want to savor it.

Friends reunited
You are soon introduced to another very important character in the game, Chloe. Max’s best friend which she moved away without informing or talking to for 5 years straight, leaving Chloe no option to move on. Which she did, to a now missing person, Rachael. You will get to know more about this story when you play it. But I really don’t want to be giving too many things away, I highly recommend giving the game a go if you’re into intense story lines including saving Chloe’s life when she is almost shot by the rich kid of Blackwell, Nathan Prescott.

Once Chloe and Max are reunited, this is when things start to get serious. You find out her step dad is none other than Blackwell’s campus security, a bully. A former army soldier, who preys on weak students and bullies them. He has an over active imagination which causes him to be paranoid, leaving cameras all over the house to monitor Chloe and her mother Joyce. Max also finds photos of a student, Kate, taken by David.

Back to the beginning
After you are taken through the story line of the friendship between Chloe, Max and Rachael you go for a drive with Chloe to the place you had your first vision. It happens again and you tell Chloe what happened, she doesn’t believe you of course until it starts to snow, although it’s 80 degrees, suggesting a storm is approaching. Chloe then asks you to explain everything from the beginning, this is the end of chapter one.

The story so far for me is exactly what I love in a game. Gripping, emotional and you invest yourselves into these characters wanting the game to never end because you’re feeling so attached. The soundtrack to this game is also a perfect addition, it goes perfectly with the story and helps those tears along a little, you just stare at the screen as the music playing episode one out, wondering if you should go straight onto episode two, which I think I’m going to have to do tonight because I can’t bare the wait any longer.

Once I have finished all the episodes I will be doing an in depth review of graphics, performance and all that jazz rather than just a short story line explanation and my thoughts so far, it’ll be everything you need to know and will have spoilers! I’ll be sure to mention that in the first line however. So keep an eye out for the full review in the coming days. Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Life Is Strange | Episode 1

  1. Very nice! I played all five episodes for the first time this year. The first episode is an excellent beginning that hooks you in. I like the characters, and the time travel mechanics are well done. Look forward to reading what you think of the other episodes!


  2. I played through all the chapters of this one and it’s worth the ride. I hope you really love the story and how it all unfolds. I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts/opinions on everything.


  3. sounds like a very interesting game and one that will for sure make you love or hate a character, i haven’t seen anything past episode one, so i’m looking forward to the full review 🙂


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