Fallout 4 DLC

Hey Guys! ThatNerdyGirl here. I’m going to give a brief review of the expansions I’ve so far played. Now, I’ve been wanting to chat about Fallout 4 for ages but because it was released last year, it’d be a little late for a review. However with the new DLC out, I can combine talking about them with also talking about my love for Fallout 4.

My Fallout 4 history

I started playing Fallout 4 in late 2015, I was a little behind on the times and didn’t give Fallout the initial chance I wish I’d given it, I was at the time a multiplayer gamer and was more interested in Call of Duty, The Division (I soon gave up on that one) and GTA online. Since falling in love with Fallout, my love for RPG games has grown a considerable amount. I now thrive off a great story line in a game and would sooner sit and smash 9 hours in one go on games like Dishonored and Mass Effect than play on Call Of Duty with a somewhat toxic community (By this I mean the insults you get thrown at you by sore losers) but I still play it here and there but if I was to play any MMORPG/MMO (Although Bungie do not class it as your traditional MMO) it’s got to be Destiny for me, great story line and multiplayer with a much calmer experience.

Quick tip, College Square is notorious for hoards of Feral Ghouls if you want to find quick ways to gain xp, travel here (Near Cambridge Police Station) and go absolutely wild.

For my first Fallout expansion, Automatron didn’t disappoint. It starts by your character responding to a distress call you where you find a gathering of robots have killed a bunch of humans. This is where you meet Ada as she is called needs your help putting a stop to the crazed antagonist. The aim is to confront the Mechanist.  I downloaded this about a week after it’s release which was when I’d also finished the main quest (Yes, It took me months) I managed to complete it in 1hr 45mins 100% which was pretty cool for me, I was rather proud of myself. I really enjoyed the story line being about the Mechanist. There are many directions this story can go in, it has a multitude of endings. Izabel (The Mechanist) is a talented woman who has always taken an interest in robotics. She was formerly from a  settlement riddled by raiders. Izabel created her persona as the Mechanist due to becoming socially inept over time.

Incoming spoiler*

*If you finish this DLC with the outcome I did, Izabel will at first be hostile and use her robotics to destroy you but will soon change her mind after seeing your determination and strength to protect the Commonwealth as she was initially trying to do and the quest can be finished peacefully and she will remain at the lair but will give you the Mechanist suit.


With the new Fallout 4 DLC there has been much excitement surrounding Nuka-World. I have not yet started Nuka-World the reason being I am only level 40, I made a mistake with my Fallout game play and at first didn’t focus on what I should have, and rather than doing anything and everything possible that would increase my XP I just went into each quest, didn’t chose the options that would have gained me XP (Killing every sucker in sight) I would do run ins, run out and have done with the task at hand avoiding any obstacles on the way therefore only really gaining XP from the quest completion.

My strategy has since changed considerably and now that I have a lifetime supply of ammo and caps, nobody stands a chance especially with me and my Furious Power Fist, as far as melee weapons go this is OP as it gets but man I love it. Anyway! I digress, where were we? Nuka-World… Well at least most people are, I’m at too low of a level to be diving straight into this as freaking awesome as it looks, and as excited as I am to start it I want to be prepared. My plan is to complete the other DLC I have not yet completed and use that to build my XP and level up.

Vault-Tec Workshop

This brings me swiftly onto Vault Tec Workshop, the expansion I am currently playing through. Now essentially this expansion is just another settlement building opportunity and damn we are bored with settlements already, but it’s helpful to people perhaps in the same situation as me and have no way of building their XP up and leveling up because your Pip boy quests are clear, even Preston got bored of asking me to defend settlements (I kid you not!) Oh and on the subject of Preston, for a little payback after all those settlements he asks you to help, don’t side with the institute, this really rattles his cage and he will not be polite to you ever again, you get a lecture every time you talk to him (Also, my Preston is currently wearing nothing but Y-fronts) Anyway, Vault-Tec workshop starts out with you answering a distress call leading to Vault 88, where you will find Overseer Barstow, a pretty foul looking woman who didn’t take the Nuclear fallout so well.

You’re sent on missions to clear the Vault of rubble, activate each zones workshop and then build her a terminal so she can work on experiments. You then go to interview some new folk who are desperate to live in your Vault after having to brave it in the Commonwealth for so long. You eventually interview one not so confident guy called Clem who ends up being your guinea pig… by that I mean you have to make him cycle on a ‘Power Cycle’ but he works so hard he blows it up and you have to repair it.

There are 9 quests in total for this expansion, I have 3 more left to do and my opinion is so far it hasn’t been a thrill ride, it is what it says it is so the quests are just a way to gain XP, they aren’t difficult or challenging, this expansion is suited to settlement builders who enjoy staring at their works of art wishing they could be featured on Grand Designs. I for one am not an avid settlement builder and did not take much pride in making Sanctuary what it could’ve been, so this DLC quests aside isn’t something I’ll be focusing on.

Far Harbor, you’re next!
My next expansion to start is Far Harbor which I’m really keen to finish so I will be smashing a few hours on that one very soon as another way to build my XP and level up. Once my level is high enough (Recommended around 80) I will be joining the rest of the Commonwealth in exploring Nuka-World. Once I’ve got a few hours in on that I will update the blog on my opinion. Thanks for reading guys! Stay Nerdy πŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “Fallout 4 DLC

  1. I didn’t know Preston disliked you siding with the Institute. I’m thinking of siding with them on my next play through.

    FYI, for leveling up, I’ve found that just exploring the island of Far Harbor on foot is helpful. Lots of beasties come out of the fog. ☺


    • Oops! Oh damn did I put side with? It’s supposed to say not to side with them, he gets agro whoever you go with if it involves destroying the institute! I’ll go read through and change that. Oooo okay I’ll give that a go, anything to help me level up right now.

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    • Yeah he gets shirty with you and lectures you about the unneeded loss of lives, it’s quite funny haha. So I stripped him down to his underwear and now he just wanders sanctuary angry and partially nude haha.

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  2. I purposely never finished the main question. Danse, Preston, Deacon and X0 all still love me. And none of the factions will shoot at me on sight.

    Nuka-world is fun. First is did the Raider quests. Then they wanted to go after the Commonwealth, so I turned on them and wiped them out. My sole survivor is fickle that way.


  3. Haven’t gotten around to picking up the DLC for FO4. Almost finished with the main right now. I, too, didn’t give the game early enough consideration. Odd that, since Elder Scrolls is my all time favorite series.


    • I personally didn’t enjoy elder scrolls. I may not have given it enough chance but I really couldn’t get into it. I tend to do that though and that’s exactly what I did with fallout so it’s probably the same situation. I don’t give a lot of games chance anymore because I adore fallout and Dishonored so much.


      • Skyrim (ES online isn’t comparable in any way) is basically the same kind of game as Fallout. Even the lockpick system in Fallout is a reskin of Skyrim’s. Basically the difference is setting. I prefer the medieval high fantasy setting over every other.


  4. I’m glad to know the expansions have generally received positive reception. I haven’t quite beaten the main storyline yet, but I have definitely enjoyed it – though possibly not quite to the level of Fallout 3 or New Vegas. I wrote up a drinking game on my site for Fallout 4, but I’m sure there would be plenty to amend or add after digging into the game and the DLC further (I’m always open to suggestions / additions!). I look forward to your thoughts on Far Harbor after completing it; I read a review saying it was more of what they expected the main storyline to be like for Boston and was a great DLC addition. I just moved to Boston in May, so it’s been awesome comparing the landscape while playing the game. πŸ˜€

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  5. Nuka-World is an amazing DLC, I just finished it yesterday, so much fun and tons of cool little Easter eggs here and there. Only thing I didn’t like was that it all but forced you to be bad (morally) which kinda sucked, but overall, totally awesome. Knocked Far Harbor out of the park.


  6. I have all the expansions, and leveled up multiple characters but I’ve yet to beat the main quest or play through much of the DLC. For me the game just doesn’t hit on the same notes as Fallout 3 or New Vegas. I keep saying I’m going to go back and I probably will during the holiday season but for right now it’s Destiny and Rise of Iron Next week!

    PS – It’s never too late to write a review!


  7. Well, not to toot my own horn but I have platinumed the game so I consider myself a bit of a dab hand- pro-tip: get all five commando perks before you head to Nuka World, get The Problem Solver, max it out and you will be LITERALLY, and I mean LITERALLY, unstoppable. I’d suggest taking on Far Harbor before that though, as things are much more fun when they’re tuff. Very hard is a revelation, so if you can hack it, I’d put it on that difficulty πŸ™‚


  8. I have love the fallout series from the get go, and have been a great advocate for the expansions. The Bethesda gaming company makes some of the best games and my personal favorites of Skyrim and the Fallout series. Of course there have been some downsides to the franchise with the whole playstation mods epidemic and while it does sadden me because of the fact that I play fallout 4 on playstation and was really excited for the mods to finally hit consoles. Fallout 4 did a lot of things right, but in the end, at least to me, the games DLC seemed to rush. The game was polished and was a great game but the DLC seemed more of a filler moment, and with that being said I still loved playing them and the whole experience of the fallout play through. I am currently with a character that is level 125 and the name of the game is to get all the perks which seems almost impossible because one can only handle so much of hearing the infamous ” A settlement is in trouble General!” Fallout will always be close to heart and my only hope is that Bethesda takes there time on the next installment and it does not end up being a back to back release franchise, because we all know where that hole leads to…


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