Events: DevCon/Insomnia59

Hey, ThatNerdyGirl here. After I was unable to attend the most recent games convention insomnia58 I was pretty excited to learn about insomnia59 in just a couple of months down the line. Insomnia is the biggest games convention held in the UK and insomnia59 will be held in Birmingham at the NEC (Buy Tickets here!) One of their big attractions is the Minecraft Zone featuring tournaments across a variety of popular custom game types. Insomnia also features a minecart full of special guests in Minecraft media!

At a later date closer to the event on stages around the venue they will be hosting live panel talks and Q&A sessions, featuring special guests and other panelists. The most popular and notable attraction at the even is the The Insomnia Stage the center of it all. Featuring interactive content from day one until the last day, you can see Special Guests,  live gameplay demos & Esports tournaments throughout the weekend.

I’m pretty excited to say the least! If you have plans to go be sure to let us know so we can arrange a meet!

DevCon, Final Frontier Events
Now, DevCon is close to my heart. I’ve been attending this event for the last couple of years and it’s a fairly local event, an hour from where I live and for a small community they put on an awesome show! It’s where I first encountered a ‘real life’ storm trooper in movie accurate suits and from that moment I was hooked. They have a huge cosplay contest, the community really do above and beyond with effort for their costumes and it’s an incredibly nerdy sight to see, really exciting too for those who perhaps haven’t been before and don’t get to fangirl over their favourite anime character on a regular basis.

We will be attending this even on the 15th of October and would love to see some local people showing us support! We are going to be thinking of some things we can offer the public in terms of promotion, so if you’re local and get the chance to go you may get a little TGG goody bag! If you’d like more information on the DevCon events visit their Facebook page, Final Frontier DevCon.

We’re super excited to attend more conventions in the future, let us know of any UK events you’re going to and we would love to try and attend! Stay nerdy guys 🙂

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