Team No Sleep & Mainframe glasses.

ThatNerdyGirl here.
It’s a late one, or should I say early but here we go.

Since I was a teenager I’ve always had a sleep problem, people say it’s because of gaming too much but it’s not, it was happening before I played video games as much as I do now. Which in comparison to some people I know, I don’t play video games a worrying amount at all. minimum I squeeze in is an hour a day, I do tend to be quite busy in the day times with my little one, I play games/write while he naps & when he’s awake it’s Peppa pig or Pokemon. I do most of my gaming in the evenings.

I’ve recently found a company called Mainframe USA who make gaming glasses, it helps prevent headaches caused by computers and TV glare. I get a lot of headaches anyway so I’m seriously considering investing in a pair soon, because I’ve seen nothing but positive reviews. If you’ve ever had a pair, drop me a DM on instagram or Twitter and let me know your thoughts.


Tomorrow I have the day to myself and my mum is having my little one for the day, so that’s usually when I get my head into a game for the day but tomorrow it’ll be split between sleeping, writing a new article for the website I write for & squeezing in a couple hours of Fallout 4 probably. I’ve not played Nuka world yet as I’m currently only level 40 so I think I will get custard creamed! However I am currently going through the Vault Tec Workshop DLC so I have that to focus on and use to get my XP up for now.

Anyway, I’ll leave it there for this evening. I should imagine Nintendom will be dropping a blog post sometime tomorrow. Stay nerdy guys!




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