Exciting news!

Major update!

We have some awesome news, well for us it’s pretty exciting but we now officially have our own domain name! we are a .com now! (Over use of exclamation marks is real)

This is just one step in the right direction on our exciting new adventure. We can’t wait to share upcoming projects with you all and hopefully entertain you enough to keep your support! For every single one of you who are on this ride with us and are cheering us on, thank you so much! You don’t know how much it means to us to just have you visit our page. Be sure to follow our other social media pages to keep up to date with changes or any more exciting news, we have started out search for events to attend and even getting our own clothing made to promote what we are doing.

Some people may ask what exactly is it that we offer, or what we plan to promote, what can we give back to you? We are two females who seriously want a career in the gaming and media industry, to be part of a big company, to have sponsors and to be at a point in our careers that we can sponsor others. We want to create fun and entertaining content for you to enjoy and to bring more positive vibes to the gaming side of life, because people do struggle to be accepted into the world of nerdiness and we just want to make you feel accepted and to not be afraid to reach for your goals whatever they may be. We will be doing more blog posts and hopefully videos on the subject of stigma surrounding the gaming community and perhaps some stories of our own where we have experienced negativity towards what we aim to do.

Stay turned, stay nerdy and thank you from the both of us!

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