Astro Gaming: Astro A40’s

Hey Guys! ThatNerdyGirl here. I thought I’d write a quick post about my headset. I often get messages on my Instagram asking what the gloriously beautiful headset is that I wear, so I’ll tell you in this post & I’ll give them a little review!

Tried & Tested!

Now, I went through a shed tonne of headsets before buying my Astro A40’s, I wasted so much money. I brought your bog standard PS4/Sony pair for £8.99 to start with & they were just outright uncomfortable but at the time I was on a budget so I made do. After a couple of weeks I just couldn’t handle it anymore so I purchased another pair from Game in the sale, They were GAME Wear, Games own brand, they were even worse… they squished my ears as they had no little crevice for my  ears to comfortably perch in so I reverted back to my Sony pair until I read up on the leading brands of headsets.

I went through many reviews, coming cross TRITON, Steel Series, LogiTech & Sennheiser which are all in the top headsets of 2016. Although Astro being 2nd and 3rd in the ratings I was still keen to learn more and see what they were like so I took the plunge and purchased a pair and what I can say straight off the bat is that they are like ear clouds, I have never placed such a comfortable pair of headphones on my head before trying these, not even beats headphones are this comfortable.

Quality, sound, performance

With the Astros they have two little tabs on the side of which you can buy more of in different colors & even have custom images inside, I have not yet customized mine but the fact it’s an option is awesome. You can also switch around the mic jack as there are ports left and right of the headphones. The stretch of the headphones themselves head size wise is pretty roomy and also nice and snug if you need them to be, I have a pretty small head so I don’t even need to extend them.

The sound quality of these is the best I’ve heard in headphones. My first try of these was whilst playing Fallout 4 at the exact time I loaded the game up a Rad storm was brewing and the sounds of the thunder & cracking through the sky were absolutely amazing, I was so excited and turned them up pretty loud so see how well they’d cope and they coped very well indeed! i have also listened to music through them and It’s a pleasant experience listening to music in what feels like your own little bubble.

Any buts here?

Yes… believe it or not after my rambling about how perfect they are, I do have a but… a big but (teehee) The mic is a little on the quiet side, if you’re talking over party chat/teamspeak etc you have to have the mic as close to your mouth as you can (without eating it, I don’t recommend this)  This could well be a fault in my pair but I didn’t see it a big enough problem to send them back as it was only after a month or so of use that people started to tell me I was sounding quiet, so It could be the fact I’ve dropped them once or twice so I don’t know if I will include that as a negative point or fault.

They are durable, they are easy to wipe clean but I advise you take better care of them than I did as I have unfortunately caused a crack in mine that had to be glued, this doesn’t reflect on the headphones themselves as they took quite a tumble and as far as I know the people I’ve seen who have this headset haven’t mentioned any breakages with them so I don’t want that to reflect on Astro gaming.

So, I should buy them right?

Yes. Correct. If you want a high quality, stylish, flawless sounding headset that comes in a variety of colors and also has a mixer you can purchase with (I chose not to) then these are the headphones for you, they are not the most expensive ones on the market either and for the price I am incredibly impressed, I’ve had min for 8 months now and if I had to buy a new pair I would certainly be choosing them again.

Thanks for reading! Stay Nerdy 🙂

One thought on “Astro Gaming: Astro A40’s

  1. My wife and I both have Astro A40s; I have the Halo 5 edition and she has the blue and silver ones. I love them. They’re amazingly comfortable and have good sound. The only reason I wish I had the A50s is because the A40s don’t offer Dolby surround sound 7.1.


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