Alien: Isolation

 So, I’m just going to go ahead & dive in with my first blog post!

This years releases, taking a step back

2016 has been a huge year in the gaming industry, we’ve had many awesome announcements at the E3 conference & the releases of Overwatch, No mans sky & Deus Ex along with many highly anticipated games upcoming in late 2016/2017 including Battlefield 1, Dishonored 2, Prey & Skyrim Remastered.  I myself am a fond lover of Bethesda so Dishonored & Prey are my most wanted releases, the type I’d prioritise over any other games if needs be. I can’t wait to spend hours on end eating takeaway & drinking coffee to function in order to get stuck in and live in the game for a while.

Late on the Alien hype

In the hype of all these exciting games & losing myself in No Mans Sky for the first week it came out I decided to take a small step back in time and give Alien: Isolation a play. For me, as far as horror/thriller/jump scare games go I am not a fond lover, I’m your laid back ‘peaceful’  RPG exploration game player. I say peaceful, but Fallout 4 at times is far from peaceful. But you won’t catch me on Resident Evil or Silent hill any time soon. Nope. After asking people’s opinions on what game I should play for my first Twitch Live stream, I decided to go for the majority vote which was Alien. Hooray! Not. I was actually quite dreading it to say the least.

He’s behind you!

My first live stream was probably my most viewed & commented on thanks to this game, there must be something entertaining about a female horror game first timer jumping out of her skin after her first encounter of the Xeno. My controller flew into the TV screen & knocked my camera off the stand. After composing myself, literal tears happened, I actually had tears of fear rolling down my eyes! Whatever that looked like to the viewers, it kept them coming back over the past weeks & I still have my regulars now! I’m currently on mission 12 out of 19 and have been told  I am approaching the face hugger encounters. Of all places I like to be hugged, my face is not one. I currently have angry Synthetics chasing me left right and centre, a distinct lack of any sort of ammo & basically I’m screwed.

Gameplay, my thoughts

Throughout the game from the word ‘The Alien is behind you’ I’ve been pretty impressed by the complexity of the game. Although I had many a fluke escaping the Alien when I really should have been mauled to death it’s still a tough game to play even on easy mode, I haven’t attempted Survival mode yet but to do that I need to be able to survive the mini heart attacks the game induces. Alien really did set me up with a tonne of challenges seeing as it was my first play at a game like this. Each time I was comforted by the Alien or an angry charging synthetic it never got any less scary or jumpy.

I personally feel some of the objectives were a little vague and would leave me wondering for up to half an hour looking for one place/one object/vent system & when your flashlight is out of battery that’s it, into darkness so it becomes increasingly tough but I guess that’s just part of the complexity. Most people probably find the game a walk in the park, or run in the space station should I say but for a horror game first timer I kept spare underwear close by! Despite all of the mini heart attacks & occasional watery eyes, it’s opened me up to a new genre of games & I would like to try some of the Indie horror games on Steam such as Case: Animatronics which is a Alien/Fight nights at Freddies sort of game. If you’d like to catch me on Twitch doing my Alien: Isolation stream I usually go live Tuesdays after 8pm (If different I will state on my Twitch before I’m due to go live)

Stay Nerdy!


One thought on “Alien: Isolation

  1. can’t wait for the next stream of this, its been too long! a horror game now and again is a must do. get the blood pumping and the heart jumping. personally Alien is the best horror game in years.


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