A warm, nerdy welcome!

The friendship
We are two girls gaming, a couple of friends aiming for the same goal, to make it in the gaming/media industry. One of us has studied for it (nintendom64) and one of us hasn’t. Either way, we are reaching for the same thing and after an 11 year strong best friendship, who better to dive head first into your dreams with?
Nintendom (Dom, 22)
For as long as I can remember Dom has always been a top nerd, she was a nerd before it was cool. We went through that emo phase in 2005/2010 (confession, it never ended) and even then she displayed what can only be described as geeky & proud, a Dora the explorer rucksack, an passion for guitar hero & retro consoles. Back then is wasn’t called geeky or nerdy, we were just ‘weird’ but she rocked it.
Dom took ICT as one of her options for GCSE and from there I can pin point her realizing what she wanted to do and it was always going to be to do with computers/tech/gaming in some shape or form and it was. She studied Games Animation in College and later went on to do Computer Games Technology in University and has written for numerous gaming sites and a YouTube channel called Killer Bits. Driving games and horror games are Dom’s passion, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Forza, Need for speed. You’ll usually catch her playing those sorts of games.
ThatNerdyGirl (Jet, 22)
Oh, It’s my turn? Okay! Well yeah, you know my name by now. I’m currently a stay at home parent with my little boy who is currently 22 months old, he is my absolute world and part of what I’m doing this for is to make him proud, to be able to say “Yeah my mum did something people said she’d never get far with, but she did” That would just be an amazing feeling.
I’ve always had a nerdy streak in me, being brought up in a house with two brothers was always going to sway me to the tomboy side of life. I’ve always been the one to be less ladylike and perhaps not classed as girly, I’d rather sit at home and play video games or re watch a marvel film I’ve seen 45 times before and eat copious amounts of snacks, it’s been that way since I can remember. Gaming however was never something I thought I could pursue as a career or become successful in, it was never something I put my mind to. But I wish I did. So here I am, almost 23 and finally taking the plunge. I’m mainly into RPG games, Fallout series, Dishonored, Mass Effect, you can catch me occasionally playing Call of duty, Destiny Multiplayer mode. I currently write articles for a nerdy news magazine website called the Noobist.com which I will post links to when my articles are released each week.
Yeah, so that’s a little about us. You will find out plenty more on our journey so please stick with us, we are so excited to begin this adventure.

4 thoughts on “A warm, nerdy welcome!

    • Hi! Thank you for following our site. I will hopefully get one set up tonight or tomorrow. Still working on a few things but yes definitely aim to set one up very soon.

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  1. Very proud of you both. Excellently designed site. I am totally confident you will achieve you goals. Perhaps add a page where people can upload game clips and share their experiences


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